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TOP 20: The Most Attractive Employers in Estonia 2020


The Most Attractive Employers in Estonia 2020

Estonian leading job site CVKeskus.ee revealed its annual list of the most attractive employers in Estonia, based on the responses of 5699 employees’ answers. Telia Eesti was chosen to be the most attractive employer in Estonia, Eesti Energia achieved second place and LHV Pank ranked third as a newcomer of the most attractive employers TOP 3.
The survey reveals that the tech- and finance sector employers are dominant among the most attractive employers in Estonia. Employees chose also TransferWise, Cleveron, Elisa Eesti, Swedbank, Pipedrive, Bolt Technology and Playtech Estonia to belong among the TOP 10 most attractive employers in Estonia.

“Despite the uncertain times caused by the health crisis, employees do follow the jobs published by the best employers – nearly two out of three respondents found that they would change jobs and apply for a vacancy published by an attractive employer,” notes Henry Auväärt, Marketing Manager of CVKeskus.ee.

"We also asked employees to evaluate different characteristics of the attractive employers to understand what makes an employer irresistible," adds Henry Auväärt. “98% of the respondents told that attractive employers are innovative companies who attract entrepreneurial people. Furthermore, respondents’ answers reveal that to be an attractive employer, the company must have a reputation of an honest company, offer development & self-actualization possibilities and must pursue a mission that matches employee’s personal values.”

Among the TOP 20 most attractive employers in Estonia we find also Skype Technologies, Microsoft Estonia, Tallinna Lennujaam, Tallink Grupp, Utilitas, SEB Pank, Helmes, Apollo Group, Nortal and Defence Resources Agency.

The Most Attractive Employer in Estonia is an annual survey that is held by the ninth consecutive year in a row by Estonian leading job site CVKeskus.ee. In 2020, the survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2020 and also as a follow-up survey in August and early September to understand the impact of the health crisis and the changed situation of the labour market. A total of 5699 employees from all over Estonia participated in the survey.

TOP 20: The Most Attractive Employers in Estonia
Rank / Rank in 2019/ Name or Brand

1. (3.) Telia Eesti AS
2. (1.) Eesti Energia AS
3. (9.) LHV Pank AS
4. (4.) TransferWise
5. (6.) Cleveron AS
6. (16.) Elisa Eesti AS
7. (2.) Swedbank AS
8. (8.) Pipedrive OÜ
9. (10.) Bolt Technology OÜ
10. (7.) Playtech Estonia OÜ
11. (5.) Skype Technologies OÜ
12. (11.) Microsoft Estonia OÜ
13. (13.) Tallinna Lennujaam AS
14. (12.) Tallink Grupp AS
15. (14.) Utilitas
16. (-) SEB Pank AS
17. (-) Helmes AS
18. (-) Apollo Group OÜ
19. (15.) Nortal AS
20. (-) Defence Resources Agency
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