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Since opening, in 1999, Booking Stars Ltd became one of the first online booking agencies. Since very beginning our mission was to become best place to search for celebrity or artist to book.

During last 15 years, Booking Stars Ltd have been growing constantly, so now we are one of few professional booking agencies, that have direct access to world-wide known celebrities and artists. Now we organize high budget, public and corporate events all around the globe.

During past years we have more than 2000 events with famous celebrities and artists.

Our agents coordinate whole process of event organization. Starting from celebrity booking, coordination and logistics, and all the way to performance at venue.

As soon as client sends us enquiry, our agent responds within few hours by phone or email. We provide all needed info, such as artist availability, estimated budget and hospitality/technical requirements.

Besides that, we organize transfers, hotels, music and light equipment, and whatever else is required for celebrity performance.

If needed our agents arrive in advence, in order to controll event preparation process.

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