2023-08-23 14:48:55

Nets Estonia AS


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Nets Estonia (endise nimega Pankade Kaardikeskus) on alates 1993 aastast tegutsev ettevõte, mille eemärgiks on pakkuda Eestis tegutsevatele pankadele ja kaupmeestele kaardimaksetega seotud teenuseid ja tooteid. Tänasel päeval kuulub firma rahvusvahelisse Nets gruppi.


Nets group is specialized in powering digital payments, connect banks, businesses, the public sector and consumers via an international network facilitating digital payments. Nets Group is offering following services:

Corporate Services provides a payment platform for recurring bills and credit transfer transactions for corporates, mainly in Denmark and Norway.

Financial & Network Services provide processing services for more than 200 issuers of payment cards and banks in the Nordic and Baltic regions, as well as complementary services including Consumer Management Services, Fraud & Dispute Services and Mobile Services.

Merchant Services provides our merchant customers with payment acceptance solutions across channels with the broadest range of payment methods.

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