2023-08-23 14:48:55

Most desired jobs revealed


According to fresh statistics from the CVKeskus.ee job portal, nearly 8,000 job seekers applied for the top ten most desired positions in the first quarter. The primary attractions included the opportunity for remote work, growth prospects, work-life balance, and, unsurprisingly, public salary offers.

The most coveted position in the first quarter was that of a Data Entry Clerk, with over 1,100 applicants. Currently, remote work opportunities are the primary draw in the job market. A data processing and analytics company, which specifically offers remote work options, was seeking data entry clerks for its team.

"Flexible work options are becoming hygiene factors in office jobs, without which it is very difficult to attract top talent," commented Grete Adler, Recruitment Manager at CVKeskus.ee, who added that remote work provides employers with the opportunity to hire talent beyond national borders.

Second in the ranking of the most popular job offers was the position of Warehouse Worker, with nearly 1,000 applicants. According to Adler, the position of a warehouse worker has always been popular in Estonia because it offers both initial work experience and the opportunity to expand existing skills.

The same can be said for the third most popular job according to CVKeskus.ee data. The position of a Goods Assembler, which garnered nearly 9,000 job views and over 900 applications, is a crucial part of the logistics chain's order fulfillment process, providing job security, with demand for such positions often remaining stable.

Following the top three were positions such as Travel Consultant (852 applications), B-category Driver (824 applications), Customer Service Representative (782 applications), E-commerce Assistant (685 applications), and Customer Manager (656 applications).

One position from the CVKeskus.ee job portal itself also made it to the list of most popular job offers: 436 applicants applied for the position of Marketing Specialist, and the job listing was viewed by a record-breaking 12,665 individuals.

"The field of marketing is immensely popular among job seekers. Why? Because marketing offers a dynamic work environment and career opportunities, from marketing director to social media specialist and marketing analyst – every candidate can find the most suitable option for themselves," explained Adler.

The list of most popular job offers is completed by the position of Real Estate and Property Manager, which attracted 408 applicants.