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Front end web developer - LONDON


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Job Description


We need to find a talented developer to join our team - so if you're an amazing front end developer who is thinking about
a move to London, this could be for you!

Ideally you will pride yourself on your ability to create well annotated code where the finished product matches the designs
across all modern browsers and IE versions 7, 8, 9 and 6 (sometimes) – we all hate it but some of our clients still require it.

We also hope you’ll be itching to get into mobile development and html5 as we have some cool projects on the horizon
(especially if you love movies).

The person we’re looking for will have a host of other skills and have a strong passion for all things digital and
will be able to bring new ideas and techniques to our team.

And just so you know... we don’t get involved with massive enterprise sites, our work is in consumer facing sites/apps,
so there’s always something fun and new to work on (i.e. you wont be doing a 24 month grind on one project!)


We want to talk to masters of...
+ Javascript
(all for screen and mobile platforms)

You must be have good experience in...
+ The Facebook environment and Api.
+ Php, mysql and MVC frameworks

Company offers

Working in the heart of London's digital environment. A easy going open office (no suits, no ties). Good friendly people and
fun projects. We're a small team but we produce good work that get's noticed!

Additional information

Please send us samples of your work (links to working websites).

United Kingdom
Job type:
full-time, employee or contract worker
Expiration date:
12. august 2011
12. juuli 2011
Gross salary:
From 2200 up to 2600 EUR monthly
Salary information:
Salary to be paid in pounds


Hi, We're Impero ( and we’re a friendly bunch working smack bang in the middle of the greatest little suburb
in the world, Shoreditch, London.

We’re only small but we’re growing fast because we work with some big international brands and some really fun smaller ones.
We’re currently run off our feet creating good looking and clever digi work for screen, mobile and Facebook.