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Working with Marginalised Children and Youth in Denmark / Africa


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Job Description

Dear friend,
It is good to see that you want to volunteer and use some of your time and capacity for other people in need. We are a movement of teachers and development instructors running a number of development programs all over the world – in cooperation with Humana People to People and One World University. One of the programs is:

Gain a B-Certificate in Pedagogy and an A-Certificate in Fighting with The Poor

We are looking for people to start in February 2013 at DRH Holsted “The Travelling Folk High school” – offering a program with
- 12 months of intensive social work with marginalized youngsters combined with studies as long distance university students at One World University
- 8 months service module working at a Humana People to People project in Mozambique or Malawi
- 4 months evaluation, exam and camp future period back at the school center in Denmark incl. presentation tour and PR work in Europe

Please read on the website - if you want more details about the program and the economy. You can send your application to me from the website. Apply from top right corner.

In short: you pay an enrollment fee of 6000 DKK (800 €) and you get a job as a volunteer working with difficult youngsters, getting food, accommodation and pocket money from your volunteer salary plus school fees and some Africa Savings. The rest you fundraise with your team mates before going to Africa.


- Flexible – you can work long hours, weekends, evenings and night watches
- Hard working – you are ready to study, work, fundraise and keep house with 4-6 other volunteers
- You have 12 years of school
- EU passport
- Motivation for development work – meaning developing your world & developing yourself
- You are ready for change

Company offers

The purpose is to train Development Instructors to be active and competent creators and instructors in Development both for children with special needs in Denmark, and at their projects in Africa.
Theoretical studies during the first year in Denmark are divided into three different periods:
1. Denmark Period
2. Raising Awareness
3. Africa - Project Skills
Practical studies and work: The practical studies and work are carried out at the school of accommodation and consist of various tasks such as: teaching, social work, maintenance and promotion work, but also cleaning and dishwashing. Basically the Development Instructor (DI)will be taking part of running the school in all of its aspects together with the staff at the school. The DIs will also take part in organising cultural-, musical- and sportive events, working with maintenance at a building weekends and put up a theatre plays.
In Africa: In the 8-month period as a Development Instructor at a Humana project in Angola, Mozambique or Malawi, the DI will have the possibility to work with people in some of the poorest parts of the world. You will - in a group of three DIs - choose a specific project and will specialize your preparation towards this during the last six months of your stay in Denmark. In Africa you work in your "Trio" closely together with the project leader and is expected to take your part of the responsibility for a successful running of the project.

Additional information

You are hired as a volunteer at a school center for marginalized children and youngsters connected to DRH Holsted - your "mother school". Here you meet every month with other volunteers for study weekend, community actions, investigations or fundraising actions.
Your volunteer salary covers food, accommodation, pocket money and programme fees.
Expenses related to the Africa Period, you, development instructors, fundraise together before departure.
At the Humana People to People project, you get allowances, food and accommodation.
In the last period back in Denmark and Europe, you have put money aside before leaving plus you take fundraising actions again.

Job type:
full-time, contract worker or internship, students can apply too
Expiration date:
4. august 2012
4. juuli 2012
Gross salary:
From 800 up to 1200 EUR monthly
Salary information:
Volunteer salary pays food, accommodation, pocket money and tuition fees


About company:
The Development Instructor (DI) program is a unique chance to study and work with a group of people from all over the world. You will get the chance to travel and learn about different cultures and to help those who are less fortunate. In Denmark you will help children and youngsters with special needs who have had a difficult start in their lives, and in Southern Africa you will be able to contribute to the development of different sectors: education, community development, HIV / AIDS prevention campaigns, Child Aid, environmental actions, income generating activities etc.
Job description:
The Program starts each year in February and August.The program is 24 months long and target people from all over the world without any religious, race and age distinction. 12 months in Denmark at one of our three school centers, 8 months in southern Africa at one of Humana’s projects and 4 months Camp Future: raising awareness about Africa In Denmark and exams in Pedagogy, Fighting With The Poor (Double B Certificate).
The purpose is to train Development Instructors to be active and competent creators and instructors in Development both for children with special needs in Denmark, and at their projects in Africa.