2023-08-23 14:48:55

WFM Planning lead (WFM Lead Analyst)

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4100 €/m Gross

Job Description

Global WFM Planning Lead (WFM Lead Analyst)

As the WFM Planning Lead your focus will be on long-term forecasting, capacity planning, workforce optimisation, and partnering with cross-functional stakeholders to drive operational efficiencies and support our Servicing Tribe, You will be leading a team of 3 to 5 Planners to own capacity planning across KYC, FinCrime, PayOps and CS and support our WFM and Operations teams with analytics and automation.

Here’s how you’ll be contributing to the team:

  • Long-term Forecasting and Capacity Planning:
    • Serve as the owner of long-term forecasting and capacity planning processes across all teams
    • Develop and maintain accurate and reliable forecasting models that align with the organisation’s growth plans over a rolling 18 month period
    • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to ensure optimal staffing levels, skill sets, and contract types for agents
    • Continuously monitor and adjust plans based on changing business needs and growth projections.
  • Scaling Operations and Workforce Optimisation
    • Support the organisation's growth initiatives by identifying and implementing strategies for scaling operations
    • Partner with HR, Finance, and Operations teams to optimise costs, develop hiring plans, explore location strategies, and evaluate outsourcing opportunities
    • Utilise data-driven insights to drive workforce optimisation efforts and ensure cost-effective resource allocation.
  • Automation of WFM Processes
    • Drive process automation initiatives within the WFM team to improve efficiency and accuracy
    • Leverage tools such as SQL, Python, Selenium, and UIPath to automate manual tasks and reports, streamline workflows, and enhance overall WFM operations
    • Stay abreast of emerging automation technologies and continuously explore opportunities for process improvement.
  • BAU Analytics Support
    • Work with and coach the Scheduling and Intraday teams to bolster analytical capabilities to identify root causes, uncover trends, and develop recommendations for operational and WFM improvements
    • Collaborate closely with the operations teams and leverage data insights to drive performance enhancements
  • Team Development
    • Foster the growth and development of the WFM team by providing mentorship, coaching, and training opportunities
    • Encourage the team to enhance their skills in SQL, Python, and automation tools, enabling them to analyse data effectively and drive process improvements


About you:

  • You’re based in Tallinn, Estonia or willing to relocate here (we support relocation for this role)
  • You’re already eligible to work in Estonia, you hold a valid residence permit or are a citizen (including EU citizens)
  • You have experience in workforce management planning, capacity planning, and long-term forecasting
  • You have strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to translate data into actionable insights
  • You’re proficient in SQL and Python for data analysis and manipulation
  • You’re familiar with automation tools such as Python, Selenium and UIPath
  • You’re proficient in leveraging Calabrio APIs to import, extract and analyse data, enabling seamless integration and optimisation of WFM processes
  • You have excellent project management skills and is able to and manage multiple initiatives in parallel
  • You have strong collaboration and stakeholder skills to partner with HR, Finance, and Operations teams
  • You’re able to drive process improvements and implement automation solutions
  • You have exceptional verbal and written communication skills, able to effectively present findings and recommendations to stakeholders

Company offers

What do we offer:

  • Company Restricted Stock Units
  • Numerous great benefits in our Tallinn office

If you’re interested in this position, please apply by submitting your CV.