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Job Description

The cafe called EPODE is located in the center of the small town of Paralimni
We specialised mostly in different kind of coffees as well and other kind of drinks

I give free accomodation to you
and if we agree I will take care and the transportation from the airport

You are going to stay with some other girls working for me in the cafe
and you are propabably share a room with one
The apartment is in the center of the town (Around 200 metres from the cafe)
and everything you are gonna need you can find easy
(Supermarket, Pharmacy, Internet cafe, Bus station etc)

About the contract
Its better to have a short contract at the begining
if you like it here then we can extend it for more

I dont want somebody to work for me and not to like it
Of course If you dont like it you can leave and
of course if you are not suitable for the cafe I will not keep you

About the job

The work in the cafe is all year around
What I ask from my stuff is to speak and understand Enlgish
be honest and team and hardworking

About the shifts is mainly 3 shifts
09.00 18.00
17.00 02.00
11.00 15.00 21.00 0200

You gonna work both 3 shifts (Not in one day )

The salary I offer is
700 euro net plus tips (Around 10 - 15 euro per day)
In that is a 11 % and 16.5 % social securities that I am gonna pay


English language
Good honest and pleasant character
Good appearance

Company offers

See general discription

Job type:
full-time, contract worker
Expiration date:
16. september 2010
16. august 2010
Gross salary:
From 900 up to 1100 EUR monthly