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Job Description

Mechanic / Techician position

We are expanding , and are you the right person for us.

Are you a true female or male car enthusiast, then you are already on a good way to join a young international team making amazing bespoke cars in Pärnu. You shall be willing to work hard and structured with attention to details.



You can be a fully qualified automotive mechanic, or a motorbike mechanic as long as you have a desire for the highest level of quality. But you can also be a race mechanic, who are no longer ready to spend every race weekend on a rainy racetrack or rally service area.

You background can be one of many, but most importantly is that you have a passion for high quality, and is interested to deliver something truly unique.

Even if you are a hobby mechanic and having a small inventor deep in you, then you can be just the right one to join our team.

You can be a metalworker with a good pragmatic approach to working with metals and an understanding of how to create fantastic products.

Are you young and highly motivated but still not fully educated then we will find space for you in our trainee program.

Company offers

If you are just looking to change brakepads and oil service then don’t consider us, but are you eager to become a part of the team in Estonia who makes the coolest cars, then contact us as soon as possible.


Salary according to qualifications.

If you have further questions send us a mail or call our Operational manager Sander to hear more. +372 551 9802