Latvian/Lithuanian speaking software consultant


Tööpakkumine on aegunud!

Tööpakkumise number 565169

Tööpakkumise number


Job Description

Your tasks would be:
-Customer support, on-boarding and contacting customers;
-Be an expert in ERPLY Books (you will be trained of course);
-Give first line support;
-Do demos;
-Do first line customer trainings;
-Create technical documentation for customers.


-Basic knowledge of accounting (you don’t need to be an expert);
-Higher education or obtaining higher education;
-Good at Excel;
-Basic understanding of math;
-Be a fast learner;
-Be interested in new technologies and ability to cope with it fast;
-Fluent in English and in Lithuanian or Latvian

Company offers

-Part time job (0,5 – good for a student);
-Location: Tartu;
-Competitive salary;
-Option to work outside the office (remote work is very well tolerated);
-Regular help and trainings from your experienced colleagues;
-Invaluable accounting experience that can help you in the future;

If you are interested, please send your CV and brief description of your next three-year plan to info(ät)
You can read more about ERPLY & ERPLY Books at:

Tartu, Tartumaa
Job type:
part-time, employee
Expiration date:
29. november 2018
31. oktoober 2018


ERPLY is one of the biggest inventory & accounting software providers in the Baltic region. Today, we are serving customers from all around the world.

ERPLY Books is a rapidly growing, innovative and one of the well-known accounting software solutions in the Baltics. Today, the software has a long list of useful features that make lives of accountants easier and companies – more efficient every day.