2023-08-23 14:48:55

The number of job offers has increased by 83%


The number of job offers has increased by 83%

Estonian employers published 83% more job ads in July comparing to the lowest level during the health crisis in April. Most of the sectors showed signs of recovery in July.
Due to the health crisis, most employers had to suspend their recruitment projects in March and April. Estonian leading job site CVKeskus.ee statistics reveal that the lowest number of jobs were published in mid-April when the crisis reached the rock bottom on the Estonian job market. The biggest decline was in the tourism sector, where about 90% of job offers disappeared from the labour market within a few days.

In May, the number of vacancies started to grow, and during the summer months (June-July) that growth accelerated. In July, employers already published 83% more job ads compared to April.

The biggest increase of job offers is in the catering sector where 238% more job ads were published in July compared to April. The marketing (+ 196%), customer service (+ 176%), sales (+ 139%) and security (+ 121%) sectors also showed strong signs of recovery.

In manufacturing, the number of job offers started to recover later than in many other fields but in July manufacturing jobs nearly doubled (+ 95%). In transportation sector there were 70% more job offers published by the employers. Furthermore, the construction sector has almost reached last year’s levels, with the number of job offers increasing in July by 48%.

“Two sectors that stand out exceptionally in terms of published job ads are health care and education. In both of these sectors the number of job offers exceeds the level of the previous year,” notes Henry Auväärt, Marketing Manager of CVKeskus.ee. “In addition, we can clearly see, that top specialists’ jobs survived better during the health crisis.”

The tourism sector still faces the most difficult situation as the decline of jobs in this sector was by far the biggest, Henry Auväärt adds. “The number of tourism sector jobs did rapidly increase in July, but as the loss caused by the health crisis was significantly larger than in other sectors, we are still 50% apart from the level we saw last year in July.”

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