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Clothes Pattern Maker/Modelleerija


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Tööpakkumise number 209646

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Job Description

Clothes Pattern Maker/Rõivaste konstruktor/Modelleerija.

We are looking for a creative person that is a professional clothes pattern maker that have experience from making patterns for many different types of clothes as jeans/pants, jackets, coats etc. You must also have design skills and sewing skills. You will be working with the designer and develop new patterns but also participate in the design and fitting process. We are starting to make ready to wear but we also make custom fitted clothes for various clients. We work with different fabrics as well as leather and fur.


Must have previous experience in pattern making and must have a pattern making education. You also must know how to sew well. Understand and speak/read English language is a must. Must know how to make paper patterns as well as work with Lectra. You need to be creative and have a serious intrest in your work.

Company offers

We offer a interesting job with a lot of variation in design. We sell globaly. The work place is located in Padise. Everything we produce is exclusive and you get the oppertunity to work with many different types of designs and materials for both fashion and practical use.

in Estonia
Job type:
full-time or part-time, employee
Expiration date:
17. november 2010
17. oktoober 2010


Sauvage is a design company with in-house production capabilities. We make exclusive garments as Jeans, shirts, jackets, coats etc for women and men. We work in textile, fur and leather. We also make accessories as jewelry, belts, boots etc. We are custom making most items but are starting up a production line of clothes and accessories that will be sold under our brand name Sauvage.