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Your italian course in Florence

Объявление истекло

Описание работы

In addition, we also offer professionals several opportunities to grow and gain experience in their own fields, thanks to our training and updating courses for teachers, preparatory courses for language certificates, professional and academic language courses, as well as internships.

Europass is right in the historical centre of Florence, within walking distance from the main
monuments, churches, museums, the Duomo, Piazzale Michelangelo, and the river Arno. This
lively area is affluent with trattorias, cafeterias and bars, thus perfect for the student life.

Our school is located in a prestigious neo-classical style building. Wide stairs lead to spacious
and bright classrooms with up-to-date audio and video equipment, a big lounge and sunny
balconies that are the ideal surrounding for studies, conversation or reading.

Требования к кандидату

From receptionist to management the staff will help you feel at ease throughout your stay. They
all are at your disposal at any time for any question or problem. Our teachers are highly
qualified and motivated, friendly, openminded and above all … authentic Italians!

Our teaching method is based on modern and innovative principles, that immediately enable the students to communicate easily and confidently in everyday situations. Moreover Europass offers a wide choice of subjects beside the Italian language, including Visual Arts, Photography, Journalism, Cooking and Culture studies. Our courses are attended by international students
from all over the world, thus creating a very stimulating international atmosphere.

The activities are designed to bring students to closer contact with the Italian language and
(being held here in Florence) ... Tuscan culture! Wine and cheese sampling, dinners in typical
restaurants or pizzerias, discounts for theatrical plays and concerts, excursions into the Tuscan
countryside and discovering Florence’s hidden places are a substantial part of our rich cultural
and extracurricular program. Moreover we also organize sporting activities such as football
games and bike excursions in the Tuscan countryside.

You can live either in the friendly atmosphere of a family or, if you want to be more independent, in an apartment shared with other students. Upon request and without extra charge, Europass will assist you in finding the most suitable accommodation, such as hotel rooms or tourist farmhouses of all categories, even out of Florence.

Фирма предлагает

- Participant must be 12+ years old
- Participant should speak English
- No hospitality experience necessary

Italian Language & Internship
This programme offers you the unique opportunity to gain work experience in Italy , thereby
approaching the cultural and social life of our country, so as to practise the language skills
acquired in everyday situations.
The programme includes a preparatory course of Italian and an unpaid internship with an accurately
selected Italian company.

You may choose from several sectors
- Tourism (hotel, information point, restaurants, travel agencies, language schools);
- Art and handicraft (leather, art paper ecc.);
- Design, photography and grafic art studio;
- Restoration (wood, paper, memorial stone, frescoes);
- Social/intercultural (master, social worker);
- Information science (software, webdesigner, hardware);

Italian Language & Culture
Our school offers a big variety of thematic courses about Italy, Tuscany and Florence. Subjects range from Literature to Art History, from History to urban folklore. Our maingoal is to diffuse not only the language but also the immense and varied cultural heritage which Italy offers. You can chose among: Contemporary Florence, Florence
from Middle Ages to Renaissance, Art History, History, Social History from 1940 to 2000, Italy in the European Union, Literature, Contemporary Literature and
Italian Cinema.
20 hours Italian + 10 hours Culture/week
2 weeks Euro 580

Italian Language & Jewellery
Would you like to learn how to make a jewel with your very hands in a quick, simple and funny way. In co-operation with a partner of Europass, our school has devised some afternoon compact courses of one or two week duration, to be combined with the Italian morning lessons.

Italian Language & Jewellery for Amateurs
4 hours Italian + 6 hours Jewellery/week
1 week Euro 273
2 weeks Euro 527

Italian Language & Professional Jewellery
20 hours Italian + 20 hours Jewellery/week
4 weeks Euro 1808
12 weeks Euro 5256
24 weeks Euro 8616
Starting dates of Italian Language & Jewellery combined course 2008: each Monday

Italian Language & Art History
The lessons take place 5 times per week, 2 of them will held outside school every Monday from 1,30pm to 5,10pm and one lesson on Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday at school from 1,30pm to 2,20pm.
20 hours Italian + 5 hours Art History /week
1 week Euro 220*
Prerequisites: knowledge of Italian on level Intermediate B1 of European Common Framework
Starting dates of Italian Language & Art History combined course: each Monday

Italian Language & Photography
In co-operation with Professional School of Photography and partner of Europass, we have organised combined courses
of Italian Language and Photography divided into four levels: basic, elementary, advanced and specialised.

20 hours Italian + 10 hours Photography /week+ open studio

Basic and Intermediate levels
2 weeks Euro 635
4 weeks Euro 1150
8 weeks Euro 2240
12 weeks Euro 3100
4 additional weeks Euro 300

Advanced level long term
4 weeks Euro 1250
8 weeks Euro 2430
12 weeks Euro 3300
Students who have completed The Darkroom basic and intermediate levels

Advanced level short term
4 weeks Euro 1350
8 weeks Euro 2610
12 weeks Euro 3640
Students who enrol in The Darkroom courses starting from advanced level
Starting dates of Italian Language & Amateur Photography combined courses 2008:

Italian Language & Cooking
IIn co-operation with a renowned school in Florence, our school organises Italian Language courses in the morning combined with theoretical and practical Cooking lessons in the afternoon.
Cooking courses are open to everybody, both to those who just wish to have a first contact with the Italian cooking tradition and take the opportunity to socialize with other students , and to anyone willing to widen his knowledge and achieve specific skills through professional programmes.

Even in the field of visual arts, we offer a wide range of courses. You can choose among Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. All courses are held by highly qualified teachers provided with a long-time experience.

20 hours Italian + 10 hours Art/week
4 weeks Euro 1275
8 weeks Euro 2400
12 weeks Euro 3265
Italian Language & Cooking for Amateurs
20 hours Italian + 6 hours Cooking/week
1 week Euro 427
2 weeks Euro 782

Italian Language & Professional Cooking
20 hours Italian + 8 hours Cooking/week
4 weeks Euro 1752
8 weeks Euro 3650
12 weeks Euro 5700

Italian Language & Wine and Food combination
A great dish is always accompanied by a great wine and not only! At the end of this
course you will no longer have difficulty in choosing the right wine and you will surprise
your friends!
20 hours Italian + 9 hours Wine and Food combination/week
1 week Euro 570
Prerequisites: knowledge of Italian on level Elementary A2 ofEuropean Common Framework

Italian Language & Wine
20 hours Italian + 6 hours/week
1 weeks Euro 410
Prerequisites: knowledge of Italian on level Elementary A2 ofEuropean Common Framework

Italian Language & Oil
20 hours Italian + 6 hours/week
1 weeks Euro 410
Prerequisites: knowledge of Italian on level Elementary A2 ofEuropean Common Framework
Starting dates of Italian Language & Cooking combined courses: each Monday

Special Programm for Senior (50+)
A full immersion in the Italian language, as well as in Tuscan cooking and landscape.
1 week Euro 350

The price includes:
- 15 lessons Italian language
- 5 Lunch in restaurant (from monday to friday)
- City Sightseeing bus tour
- Walk on the hills surrounding Florence
- 1 cooking lesson
- Bike tour in the Chianti area, including lunch, a visit to a medieval castle, visit to a vineyard, a wine and olive oil sampling
On the starting date the Europass-team will give you a warm welcome. You will get an informative package about Florence. If you have learned some Italian you will take a written and oral assessment test from 9am to 11am. According to your knowledge, we will choose the appropriate level for you. If you are an absolute beginner, you will start your course right away.

Every Tuesday we organize a guided trip to a different museum led by our Art History teacher. This free activity will take place from 1,30pm to 3,10pm. If you are interested in Art History and wish to deepen your knowledge, you can attend a weekly Art History course. Lessons are held from Tuesday to Thursday from 1,30pm to 2,20pm at the price of Euro 30 per week.

Другая информация

If you have any questions on the above or need further explanation or elaboration on specific subject, please do not hesitate to contact us any time by phone 372 620 7576 or 372 56 667 064. To apply, please, email your CV in english with photo.

Tööpakkumise number

Место нахождения:
Вид работы:
полная занятость или частичная занятость
Дополнительная информация:
по договору или практика или временная работа
Окончание конкурса:
22 января 2009 г.
22 декабря 2008 г.


Toreon Group LTD in accordance with “Work & Study Italy Program” is operated by Europass Your Italian language school in Florence. Europass is a school specialised in the teaching of the Italian language and culture based in the historical town centre of Florence. Florence is a city of many faces, from the lively quarters and picturesque markets to the many universities and the elegant streets lined by some of the most famous shops in the world. Moreover, the city offers ideal linguistic conditions for those who study Italian: the language spoken in the streets, the squares, the cafes and the markets is free of any dialect and its syntax is often cited as an example of linguistic correctness. Therefore, it is the ideal place to practise the language in a culturally exceptional environment.
With us lovers of the Italian language and culture of all ages have the opportunity to combine a language course with their own interests and hobbies such as culture, cooking, art, photography and jewellery making. Moreover, we offer summer language programmes for young people over 12. Toreon Grupp is an Estonian recruitment agency specializing in “Work and Travel” programs. Toreon Grupp is affiliated with the partners in Cyprus (biggest trainee agency), Greece, Finland, Spain, Italy, England and Australia. Toreon Grupp is the only Estonian company to a member of GWEA program. Please, contact Toreon Grupp on Skype: leljuhh, toreon1 or Tel: +372 620 7576, +372 56 667 064 for all your queries.

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