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Joboffer number #173618

Work and study in Canada client
Job ad expired!

Job Description

This is a 6 or 12 months long program allowing applicants to study and work legally in Canada. Applicants study for 6 or 12 weeks in an exclusive school in the centre of Vancouver (Academic component). After studies, applicants work 18 or 36 weeks in premium resorts, incl. 2010 Winter Olympic Games locations (Practicum component)

- 6 or 12 months program to choose from
- Students can start any Monday throughout the year
- Airport pickup
- Orientation on first day at school
- Classes in exclusive school in downtown Vancouver
- Classes, minimum 6 weeks (12 weeks) for those who have 6 months (12 months) program
- Classes including language courses, cultural training, hospitality workshops
- Accommodation near by school in Vancouver


- Participant must be 18+ years old
- Participant must speak English
- No hospitality experience necessary

- 6 months study program fee: $2 395 CAD
- 12 months study program fee: $4 395 CAD
- registration fee: $200 CAD
- visa: $125 CAD
- school-books: $80 CAD

The program allows participants to legally study and work in Canada (cannot exceed
a 50/50 split). The program is intended for applicants who want to improve their language and practical skills in hospitality. All year long, you can start any Monday of the year. You can work and study in Canada for 6 or 12 months.

6 months program Vancouver Campus (6 weeks)
- English Language Trainging/Cultural Training – 180 hours
- Hospitality Training – 60 Hours
Resort Location (18 weeks)
- Evening Language Courses/Hospitality Workshops –
180 hours
- Paid Hospitality Internship

12 months program Vancouver Campus (12 weeks)
- English Language Trainging/Cultural Training – 360 hours
- Hospitality Specific Training – 120 Hours
Resort Location (36 weeks)
- Evening Language Courses/Hospitality Workshops –
360 hours
- Paid Hospitality Internship
Yes, but it is much more an assesment than a test. It will help to rank your English.
It takes only 20 minutes and afterwards about 5 minutes telephone interview. And
that’s all:)
Yes, you need a Study Permit with a Work Authorization (C30 Exemption). The Study
Permit will be issued at the embassy, the Work Permit will be issued at the port-ofentry
(e.g. Vancouver).
The Work Authorization – with C30 Exemption is all that you need:)

Personal consultations, detailed information about program, informational manual
about Canada, pre-departure information brochure, details about accommodation.
Assistance with the visa application, insurance and flight ticket. Airport pickup is only on request. Students will be greeted at the Arrivals Terminal by Homestay Director or Host Family and driven to Canadian family. You will know details about accommodation prior your arrival.
If you choose - HOMESTAY - You will live in a host family, having a private room, 3 meals per day and your housing will be located within 30 minutes of downtown. If you choose – HOSTEL - You will have a shared room, preferences are based on your request. Housing will be located within 15 minutes of English Bay College and will be living in shared staff accommodations and in most cases, you will have access to both laundry and cooking facilities.

Accommodation with meals at Host Family costs $187.50 CAD per week
(payment due before arrival). Accommodation during paid internship in a
resort costs usually between $180 CAD and $450 CAD per month.

You will study first 6 weeks (12 weeks), together with other participants from all over
the world in the downtown of Vancouver. You will attend English Language Courses,
Cultural Training Courses and Hospitality Workshops. You will have onsite classes during your stay at the internship location, 160 (380) hours in total. There will be teachers onsite to teach lessons, monitor your internship and offer ongoing support.

You will receive your internship/job offers after the arrival to Vancouver. According
to your previous language and work experience and skills, you can receive more suitable internship offers.

During your Internship, You will have a minimum average of 30 hours per week. Salary can be between $8 and $14 per hour. Thanks to paid internship, participants can cover most of their expenses.

You can travel at the end of the program in case the immigration officer allows you
to stay some extra days (it is usually a little bit longer than the program end date). In
case of 12 months program, you may take up to 3 weeks vacation. In other cases you
can make an agreement with your resort.

Company offers

- Online registration (registration fee due)
- Online language assessment
- Phone interview
- Documents necessary for visa
- Visa application (personal interview not necessary)
- Program fee payment (due after receiving visa)
- Accommodation, health insurance and flight ticket
- Pre-departure welcome package
- Departure to Canada
- practice/work in chosen location, 18 weeks (36 weeks) for those who have 6 months (12 months) program
- guaranteed job offer (the higher the English language skills, the more job options that are available)
- Minimum average of 30 hours per week
- earnings from $8 CAD to $14 CAD per hour
- onsite classes (teachers are onsite to teach lessons, monitor the students and offer ongoing support)
- lodging in chosen resort location
- 3 weeks of holidays (only within 12 months program)
- Step UP to Work n’ Study - Hospitality™ Certificate
- Transcript of Records - provided by Academic and Practicum supervisors
- Letter of Reference from your Practicum Host Company on company letterhead
- opportunity of a lifetime to explore Canada and its culture

Additional information

If you have any questions on the above or need further explanation or elaboration on specific subject, please do not hesitate to contact us any time by phone tel. 372 620 7576, GSM: 372 56 667 064. To apply, please email your CV with a picture in english.

Tööpakkumise number

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Expiration date:
06 March 2009
06 February 2009 client

Toreon Group LTD in accordance with “Work & Study Canada Program” is operated by a reputable Canadian company English Bay College Ltd. as Hospitality program “The Step-UP to Work N’Study” since 2003. English Bay College is an accredited member with the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools, The Vancouver Board of Trade, The British Columbia Chamber of Commerce and International Student Safety Program.

Toreon Grupp is an Estonian recruitment agency specializing in “Work and Travel” programs. Toreon Grupp is affiliated with the partners in Cyprus (biggest trainee agency), Greece, Finland, Spain, Italy, England and Australia. Toreon Grupp is the only Estonian company to a member of GWEA program. Please, contact Toreon Grupp on Skype: leljuhh, toreon1 or Tel: +372 620 7576, +372 56 667 064 for all your queries.

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Work and study in Canada
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Employer is asking you to finalize your application on an external website. Please carefully follow further instructions. We hope you get the job!