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Technical Analyst - HP-UX (Production Services/


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Job Description

Job Description:

  • Takes responsibility either for substantial technical decision-making or for teams of staff. If the latter, demonstrates the basic qualities associated with team leadership.
  • Is thoroughly familiar with the available tools, methods, procedures and/or equipment associated with specialization. Possesses adequate technical depth to make correct choices from alternatives in all these areas.
  • Is able to apply selected technical tools etc in such a way as to meet set targets of cost, time, quality and performance.
  • Is able to communicate effectively both formally and informally with all those with whom working interfaces arise whether they be colleagues, clients or customers.



  • Possesses a clear understanding of the relationship of any specialized role to the context in which the work is carried out. More generally, this understanding applies also to DHL's business and the needs of those who will use the end product of the work.
  • Shows initiative and makes time available to ensure general technical competencies and specialisations are kept up-to-date in line with industry developments.

Company offers


To undertake proactive maintenance and administration of computer hardware and software, and operations tools in support of the delivery of the IT service and to improve system availability with proactive work to avoid outages and performance issues with particular focus on maintenance services for all infrastructure used by the Operations Centre. (This includes O/S (Unix, NT, Linux, SUN) databases (Oracle, Informix, DB2, SQL server, IBM universal, Teradata), Unibol, Storage Area Network, Spoolers etc. The operations tools include HP's Open View Operations, Mercury TOPAZ, Tivoli's Maestro).

Additional information

Additional Information:

  • Excellent operating system and database administration skills. Must be able to administer the systems to ensure problems are avoided.
  • 3-5 years administration experience.
  • Excellent communicator and team member

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Foreign country
Job type:
Expiration date:
22 May 2006
08 March 2006


DHL is establishing a new state-of the-art global IS Services Centre in Prague. The role of the new IS Services Centre is to manage and support DHL\\\'s European IT infrastructure from a single, state-of-the-art location. Together with Centres in USA and Malaysia, the Prague IS Services Centre will create a highly available, secure, global information processing environment.

At the heart of DHL\\\'s business is ground breaking technology, market leading innovation and an ever increasing commitment to the highly skilled IT professionals, who play a key role in continuously driving the company forward.