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Teacher in kindergarten / lasteaiaõpetaja


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Tööpakkumise number 610652

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Job Description

Who we are looking for:
-You are a fun and energetic nursery/kindergarten teacher who is passionate about childcare and early childhood education.
-You like being creative within framework of curriculum.
-You are patient, kind, and understanding, and take the time to develop personal connection with children


You must
- have an educational background with early childhood units, wich include courses that cover the general areas of child growth and development. At least Bachelor degree.
- have very good English language proficiency (at lease C1 level)
- be a strong communicator and having an abundance of patience is the key to success for our teachers
- have at least 2 year experience as a kindergarten teacher
- have clear criminal background without exemption.

* basic communication skills in Estonian or Russian are an advantage, but are not required

Company offers

Tasks include:
- teaching children (2-7 years) according to the curriculum;
- supporting children's development and creating a comfortable learning environment,
- communicating with parents and other staff.

Working time is based on the schedule, and it is possible both partial and full time - 2-5 days a week 9-16.30 / 9-18.00 or 8-12.00.

There are only 10-12 children in our groups

ALSO (in additional to main job position)
- We are also looking for teachers who could guide the music, art or some other extracurricular activities from 15:00 to 16:00 or could prepare kids (5-6 years old) for the school twice a week from 16:00 to 18:00. All teaching and communication is in English.

Tallinn, Harjumaa
Job type:
Expiration date:
30 August 2019
01 August 2019


Rahvusvaheline lasteaed on Tallinna kesklinnas asuv kolmerühmaline eralasteaed.
Lasteaed töötab Eesti riiklikku õppekava alusel ning korraldab toitlustamist oma lastele kohapeal. Lasteaia õppetöö toimub ainult inglise keeles. Enamus meie töötajatest on kakskeelsed, mis aitab paremini lastega kontakti luua ja nende vajadustega arvestada.

International Kindergarten is a three group kindergarten situated in Tallinn city center.
The kindergarten follows the Estonian National Curriculum but has a more flexible app roach. We are a private Tallinn
kindergarten which adheres to directives from the Ministry of Science and Education. The staff maintains an empathy
with the student body and its varied academic needs. Furthermore, most of our staff is bilingual which allows for better
communication with the children.
Our curriculum maintains a balance between structured activities and free play. We follow early learning goals for the
Foundation Stage as set out in the Estonian National Curriculum