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Software developer client
Job ad expired!

Job Description

Colore Consulting is hiring professional software developers to work as consultants in Finnish companies. The basic idea is that Colore Consulting arranges consulting projects for foreign developers and signs employment contracts with those developers who are accepted to consulting projects. This means that the developer would work for Colore Consulting during the current consulting project. The employment contract with Colore Consulting ends when the consulting project ends.


If you want us to start looking for a consulting project for you then you must fulfill the following requirements:

You must be able to survive with English or Finnish language. This means that you must be able to speak, read and write English or Finnish quite well so that we can understand you and you can understand us.

You must be allowed to work and stay in Finland according to Finnish immigration laws. Citizens of the European Union member states may work in Finland without a worker's residence permit.

Your professional skills must be adequate. If you are not skilled enough then we are not able to find you a consultancy project here in Finland. Usually the minimal requirement is that you have at least some professional experience about most of the following things: C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, C#, J2EE, SQL, HTML, XML, HTTP, TCP, Windows and Unix (Linux, Solaris and HPUX).

You must be ready to start in the new job in 1.5 months after signing the employment contract with Colore Consulting. In other words, you must be able to leave your current work in this time and move to Finland. We can easily arrange an accommodation for you in this time.

You must respect Finnish legislation and laws. In addition, you are not allowed to have criminal records in any country. We do not hire criminals or people who do not respect the law.

Company offers

If we manage to find a consulting project for you then we offer the following things to you:

We sign an employment contract with you and this contract lasts as long as the current consulting project with the customer. When the consulting project ends also your employment contract ends with Colore Consulting.

We pay your salary into your bank account every month. The amount depends on your skills and experience. In practice, the salary will be something like 3000 - 4000 euros per month before taxes. Colore Consulting automatically pays your taxes and all mandatory employment fees according to Finnish laws.

The length of your paid vacation depends on how long you have been working during the year. You will get 2.5 vacation days per month, which means 5 vacation weeks in a year. You will get full salary during your vacation.

In Finland, we have a mandatory pension system, which means that it is not possible to hire any employees without arranging their pension payments. The pension payments are divided between the employer and the employee so that the employer pays the biggest part of the employee's pension and the employee pays a small part of it. This employee's payment is automatically taken from the salary.

We will help you to find a suitable accommodation. Maybe the easiest way to arrange accommodation is that we rent a flat for you and take the rent directly from your salary. We also take care of the possible guarantee fee that the housing company might require.

We help you with Finnish bureaucracy. This means that we assist you to fill different kinds of papers and translate things from Finnish to English if that is needed. We also make sure that you manage to arrange all the necessary things (registrations, tax payments, bank account, etc) when you come to Finland.

We can probably compensate some of your traveling costs when you want to visit your home country from time to time. For example, we can pay your ferry tickets to Tallinn few times in a month.

Additional information

The only thing that you need to do is to send your CV. After that we check that you fulfill our requirements and let you immediately know if we start to look for a consulting project for you. It is important that your CV is very informative and tells as much as possible concerning your skills and experience.

Tööpakkumise number

Job type:
Additional info:
Gross salary: 3000 - 4000 €/m
Expiration date:
26 November 2008
27 October 2008 client

Colore Consulting is an information technology consulting company based in Finland. We provide experienced people to be utilized in the different information technology projects our customers have.

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Software developer
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Tahtsime Sulle teada anda, et järgnev kandideerimisprotsess ei toimu tööportaalis. Tööandja soovib, et jätkaksid kandideerimist nende karjäärilehel / värbamisplatvormil. Loodame, et saad soovitud töökoha!