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Joboffer number #305090

Social Work and Teacher Training client
Job ad expired!

Job Description

DNS offers a lifestyle and a learning process driven and nurtured by the group – the team of DNS-students and their teachers – the common ground they build together, the decisions they make together and the big results which stem from their midst.

The DNS Teacher Training program is made for you to become a person in your own right. A human being – not defined by your job or your salary, but by your humanity and personal values and skills, your ability to live and work together with others, and to bring necessary changes to the community.
DNS educates you as a teacher. After the 3-year DNS education, you get a Bachelor in Pedagogy (equivalent to a BA of Arts in a Western University). Below you can see the outline of the education. Completing all the periods and subjects lead to a Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy. Each year has its curricular subjects as well as elements we have decided to train you in as well.
1. Year – The International Practice Field includes 2 months in Denmark preparing for a 4-month bus travel; 4 months bus travel through the Sahara desert and 3 months of elaboration and information work for people in Europe.
2. Year – The European Practice Field includes 6 months training in experiencing and understanding the national reality by seeking employment in factories and other workplaces. Living, studying, working and organizing cultural events in a bigger European city; 3 months studying at the school and 3 months doing what you find most appropriate to do.
3. Year – The School Practise Field includes 8 months training, working and understanding the reality of children and teachers by seeking employment in a European school; 4 months at the college studying and final exams.


Skills required:
- You are open-minded, flexible and motivated to do something good for others.
- You are interested in helping children and young people with special needs and from various backgrounds.
- You are eager to learn and gain experiences in new and unfamiliar work situations.
- Furthermore, you are a hardworking person
- You need to have passed 12 years of school.
- During the time at the DNS teacher training college, you receive food and accommodation and pocket money (about 700 Dkr).
- You pay an enrolment fee.
- You pay for the tuition fees of first year yourself. For those in need of a saving up job, please contact me ASAP

Company offers

Saving Up period has started for the DNS-2013-team starting 1st September.

There is a preparatory weekend every month.

Additional information

You are self-financed through the 3-year education and you end it with no debts.
There are various saving up periods and work periods included in the education.

Tööpakkumise number

Job type:
Additional info:
internship, students can apply too
Gross salary: 800 - 1200 €/m
Expiration date:
18 May 2013
18 April 2013
Salary information:
Saving up salary covers food, accommodation, a bit pocket money and savings for the 3-year education at DNS. client

About company:
Teacher Training at international college DNS in cooperation with One World University
DNS (Det Nødvendige Seminarium or in English The Necessary Teacher training College) is a necessary education for a rapid changing world, preparing you for leading people into the future, a radical program that puts traditional education on its head. It was founded in Denmark in 1972 and since then has been answering to the world changes by modernizing the curriculum and program every time that there is a need, in order to prepare better the ones who will guide the next generations. This year we are starting a brand new program at DNS in cooperation with One World University – OWU – in Mozambique.

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Social Work and Teacher Training
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Tahtsime Sulle teada anda, et järgnev kandideerimisprotsess ei toimu tööportaalis. Tööandja soovib, et jätkaksid kandideerimist nende karjäärilehel / värbamisplatvormil. Loodame, et saad soovitud töökoha!