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SJOLUND is a world-leading company which specialises in steel and aluminium bending. We have more than eighty years of experience in providing bending solutions for all industries.
We can also supply various state-of-the-art metal solutions, either alone or in combination with bending, such as laser cutting, press brake bending, CNC milling, and CNC lathe and robot welding.
1936 – SJOLUND founded as a local blacksmith in the Danish village of Sjølund.
1970s – The first profile bending machine is purchased.
1980s – SJOLUND starts bending aluminium profiles for the rail industry.
1990s – SJOLUND specialises in bending aluminium and steel for various segments.
2007 – Change of ownership; a new and more global strategy is pursued.
2008 – SJOLUND establishes a subsidiary in Hefei, Anhui Province, China.
2018 – Deutsche Beteiligungs AG acquires 51% of SJOLUND.
2018– SJOLUND establish a subsidiary in Tallinn, Estonia.
We are driven by curiosity, ideas, and ambition. We move boundaries for what is possible in our quest to exceed any expectation. We explore the possibilities between human and machine. Why? Because we want to be the most innovative, creative, and ground-breaking within our field of work – we want to be the best.
However, that is not something that happens overnight. Our operators have decades of experience in our line of business, and they are driven by a never-ending desire for perfection. It is because of our highly qualified and dedicated team that we have reached a position within our field of work where we can take on high profile projects and accommodate the most demanding clients around the world.
Even though we can see our goal, we have not yet reached it. We are still on a journey towards it, and it is a journey that we would not be without because it drives our desire to evolve, develop our competencies, and refine our tools.


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