2023-08-23 14:48:55

Restaurant workers

CVKeskus.ee klient
14 - 17 €/h Gross

Job Description

Would you like to experience the magic of a Northern winter? Are you craving a change in your work routine? We have a fantastic opportunity for you. Come to work in Finnish Lapland for the winter season!

Even though summer is at its best, autumn is getting closer. We are looking for people to work in the hotel and restaurant industry in Lapland, with positions available from Rovaniemi to Utsjoki. The work will start in the fall as agreed upon, and there will be plenty to do until March-April.


Particularly we are looking for professionals in the restaurant industry, both in the kitchen and as serving staff. We offer a fair salary, assistance with accommodation arrangements, and nice international colleagues. The salary will be determined based on your previous experience and work history, ranging from 14.5 to 16 euros per hour.                                                                                 

If you are experienced and ready for more responsibilities, we can negotiate a salary that reflects your tasks.To work with us, you should already have some experience in serving or kitchen work, you should speak fluent English, but most importantly, we hope you will have a proactive attitude and are a reliable employee.

Company offers

Who are we?

SE Henkilöstö Oy has been connecting hotel and restaurant industry employees with employers since 2018. Our main office is located in Helsinki, but we have clients all over Finland.We want all parties involved to be satisfied and play by the agreed-upon rules. However, what matters most to us is that our employees enjoy their time with us.

Welcome to the team!

You can find more information about us at: https://sehenkilosto.fi