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Job Description

Wowrent OU is an Estonian residential property management company, which has been developing rapidly over the past 5 years.

Wowrent OU has ambitious goals for the next 5 years and the Danish management is focused on expanding the portfolio of premium apartments in Tallinn.

The company is in a growth phase and we are looking for a Property Management Trainee, who initially will work on a part-time basis and support the management of Wowrent in running the day-to-day business.

Initially, we expect the job to be 15 hours per week, thus ideal for a university student who wishes to supplement studies with an exciting career start and earn extra income.

In general, the working hours are flexible based on the demands of the tenants and the occupancy of apartments, plus the pace of the expansion.


The ideal candidate will be a first or second year university student, with an interest in real estate and a strong desire to learn new skills.

The job will consist of the following tasks:
- Assisting management with issues related to tenants and property rentals
- Assisting with building an E-platform to market the properties through website and social media
- Assisting management with issues related to the condition of our portfolio

What we expect:
- A dynamic person who likes to be busy.
- A person who is good with customers and understands to do the right thing for the business.
- Stress resistant (at peak periods, there may be many balls to juggle at one time).
- Flexible, mobile and well-structured.
- IT-savvy. Good with social media and understands (or is interested in learning) how to use social media as a platform for marketing.
- Rich on initiative and proactive on turning problems into solutions.
- Strong language skills in Estonian, English and preferably Russian.

Company offers

What we can offer:
- You will become an integral part of the running of the company through best practice and learn a new industry
- We will involve you in management decisions and seek your proactive input, once you have some experience.
- You will get insight into property investing and how to build a future for yourself of financial freedom via property investing.
- We will introduce you to online learning courses and literature for your development in this industry. We offer our assistance in coaching you along the way.
- The pay will be a mix between fixed pay (based on the turnover of the company) plus commission - pay depends on results.

If this is a job for you, write to us and tell us why! Send us your CV, let us know a bit about your background, including your studies and tell us how you can tackle this challenge!

Start date is 1 December, 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tallinn, Harjumaa, possibility to work from home office
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Expiration date:
30 November 2019
05 November 2019
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Wowrent OU is an Estonian residential property management company, which has been developing rapidly over the past 5 years. We have a strong portfolio of premium properties and work to make our tenants feel at home.

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