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Põllumajanduslik firma Oxfordis vajab assistenti proovide kogumiseks põllumaadelt, mullast, putukamürkidest jne.
Parim kandidaat on hiljuti lõpetanud põllumajanduskooli või loodusteaduse eriala!

Duties include;

  • Mapping and marking out trials sites
  • Measuring out chemicals for use in trials
  • Treatment application, including mixing of chemicals and/or spraying
  • Assessing trials at regular intervals after treatment application
  • Computing data and entering into ARM (Arable Research Manager)
  • Crop harvesting; either with machine or by hand
  • Any other tasks relating to the work at OAT deemed necessary by a Trials Officer

A Full Drivers Licence is imperative for the job, as a lot of travelling is required around the UK. A good command of the English language is essential. Computer skills would be highly desirable.

You will be responsible to your assigned Trials Officer, who you will work closely with for the majority of your placement, however on occasions; work with other staff will be required.
The successful candidate will be based at Salisbury, Wiltshire; however there may be the opportunity for some time to be based at our head office in Bicester, Oxon. The position would be available from the end of March for a minimum of six months and a maximum of eight months.
This position would suit any candidate studying Agriculture or a Life Science subject with practical ability.

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Parim kandidaat on hiljuti lõpetanud põllumajanduskooli või loodusteaduse eriala!

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Since its establishment in 1984, OAT has built up a reputation for quality, accuracy, integrity, flexibility and value for money. We have developed good working relationships with many companies involved in various aspects of agri-business. Our experienced team of regionalised staff use their local knowledge to select the most suitable sites for each trial.

We pride ourselves in our flexibility, which allows us to undertake projects of a complex nature and to meet the exact needs of our clients. The main focus of OAT's work includes field trials to:
a. Evaluate the best use of agrochemicals, varieties, fertilizers and organic products in terms of their efficacy.
b. Measure chemical residues in crops, which have been grown to standard commercial practice, using Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliant procedures.
c. Provide a demonstration of the effects achieved by correct use of specific products or regimes.

OAT has held GLP status since 1991 and has been an Officially Recognised Efficacy Testing Organisation since the scheme was introduced in 1998.

Efficacy trials

OAT's regionalised approach to field trials has resulted in an experienced and confident team of Trials Officers working in locations with which they are familiar. They are experts in the husbandry, physiology and pathology of most crops from cereals, sugar beet and oilseed rape to vegetables, salad crops, fruit and ornamentals. We are well equipped to drill any of these crops if they are not available on a commercial scale.

We ensure that our efficacy trials are performed to the highest standards demanded by PSD. We can advise on all aspects of project planning in order to produce a sound project protocol. We are equally happy to work from specific protocols and standard operating procedures (SOPs) provided by our clients. In the case of trials for product registration, the fieldwork that we carry out is co-ordinated with our own allied consultant.

Although the major function of efficacy trials is to produce reliable, meaningful data, we recognise that in addition to this, it is vital to pass on the data promptly throughout the season. This is achieved via direct lines of contact from the designated OAT Trials Officers to the relevant individuals within the client company.

The addition of a spacious polytunnel at Bicester has allowed us to increase the range of crops we are able to grow and extend the season for their growth. We can closely monitor fast-acting products within a protected environment or use our purpose-built cages to study insect control.

  • Regional centres computer-linked to main office
  • Single trials or multi-site projects to fit specific needs
  • PSD-compliant standards
  • Assistance with product registration, if required
  • Clear routes of communication
  • Polytunnel used to extend scope

Demonstration trials

In today’s competitive market, it is vital to demonstrate the capabilities of new agrochemical compounds and mixtures to growers, distributors and in-house staff.

OAT's large demonstration site near Bicester is well suited for visits, but trials can be laid down at any location across the country, including show grounds. With the use of our specialist trials equipment, we are able to tailor trial layouts to exact requirements, no matter how large or small. Clear contrasts between plots provide bold visual impact, as a result of seed dressings, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, growth regulators, crop varieties or cultivation techniques.

Particularly successful results have been achieved with blight-inoculated, mist-irrigated potato trials and drilled weed strips to highlight varying levels of control.

  • Wealth of technical crop experience to share
  • Specialist trial-scale field equipment facilitates clear plot differences
  • Crop variety and application interaction trials
  • Any location within the UK
  • Overhead and soil irrigation provide local environmental control

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