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Navigation officers and engineers


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The Watchkeeping Officer (1st or 2nd Officer) is, on behalf of the Master, in command during his watch. In all questions relative to this, the Watchkeeping Officer receives orders from and is directly subordinate to the Master. In questions pertaining to safety, security, sea readiness, and pollution prevention the Watchkeeping Officer is also subordinate to the Staff Captain. The Apprentice Officer supports the Officer in Command.

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Good english and sertificates.

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1 moth on, 1 moth OFF contract.

Töö tüüp:
täistööaeg, lepinguline
Kuulutus aegub:
1. juuni 2007
Kuulutus sisestati:
22. mai 2007


Ocean View OÜ began trading in May 2005. Our office is based in Tallinn, but we also have a representative in Holland.

Ocean View is specialised in hiring seagoing personnel for all types of vessels: the luxury cruise ships and yachts, for cargo ships, tankers, ro-ro, tugboats, dredgers and many others. We also provide welders for offshore units and ship yards, and specialists, such as carpenters, upholsters, painters, etc. for different companies onshore, who are in service for the ships.