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IT seller


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Tööpakkumise number 114782

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Job Description

There will be training period of two months with the salary for the job. Training will be given mainly in Estonia. Duties: customer service, sell printers, ink and toner cartridges, take care of the web shop, etc.


• knowledge of PC computers, Windows
• experienced in customer service
• languages: Eesti, English, (Soome keel), (Russian for one person)

Company offers

• training period of two months with the salary for the job
• work with import and export

Additional information

Don't hesitate to take a contact in any case!

Tallinn, Harjumaa
Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
1. september 2007
4. juuli 2007


Our company's main business area is to import and sell printers, toners, ink cartridges, etc, please take look at our web page for more information. We'll open a shop soon at Ahtri 12 WTC-Tallinn.

Byrodata Oy is a Finnish company and it has been in IT business area since 1996. Its subsidiary company in Estonia is Print-SuperStore Oü.

We are looking for 2 sales persons for our Estonian company now. Later we need two persons more. These employees should have following skills:
- languages: Eesti, English, (Soome keel), (for one person: Russian, it is not needed for everyone)
- (driving licence)
- knowledge of PC computers, Windows, etc
- üliõpilane, instituut, etc
- permanent 8 hours/day work