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Internship in new zealand


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Описание работы

- Work permit is for the period required by the tertiary institution and is issued for the exact dates of internship, as per employer’s notification.
- At the end of the internship, an intern can apply for an extension of up to 6 months. Both employer and intern must request the extension. The terms of the internship must have been met.
- Participants can remain in New Zealand as tourists for up to 3 months after their work permit expires. Participants from some countries will need to apply for a tourist visa.
- Participants cannot be employed outside of their internship.
- Participants may be able to extend their internship with the same employer if both the employer and intern request this, and the terms of the internship have been met (for up to a further 6 months)
- Participants can stay in NZ as tourists for an extra 3 months after the end of their internship. (Participants from some countries that do not have a reciprocal arrangement with the NZ Government may require a special visa)
- English language programs can be organized for the participants prior to them taking up their internship.

The minimum wage in New Zealand is NZ$11.50 per hour. This is the minimum amount that interns will be paid. In most cases they will be paid more than this hourly rate. Placements are
a minimum of 25 hours per week and in most cases participants will be expected to work 35 – 40 hours per week. This will be detailed in your internship offer.

Требования к кандидату

The following guidelines will assist you to determine if an applicant is eligible to apply for the Internship New Zealand program.
Student Status
For Internship New Zealand, students are eligible if they are in one of the following categories:
- They are enrolled as a full time university/college/tertiary student and are required to complete a practical work placement in order to finish their qualification
- They are formally deferred from full time university/college/tertiary study after having completed at least one semester of their course and their course of study requires the student to complete a practical work placement in order to complete their qualification.

All non-native English speakers who are applying to the Internship NZ program must be screened for English language ability and should have an advanced level of English (at least IELTS 6.00 or at least 525 – 550 points paper TOEFL (195-200 points computer TOEFL) or equivalent proficiency), i.e. sufficient to live and work in New Zealand without any problems. Placement of students below that level will not be possible or carries a very high risk of failure once the student has arrived, so that an honest language assessment is absolutely vital. Students will lose their internship placement if they have been inaccurately assessed. The sending agent must, therefore, take this requirement very seriously, as he/she will be finally responsible. It is possible to arrange English Language Programs for students in NZ long-term as well as immediately prior to their internships. Short-term arrangements only make sense if the level of English is already close enough to 6.00 IELTS or equivalent.

Фирма предлагает

Application fee (non-refundable) - $500
Program fees - $1,850
Bank charge - $40
Insurance (if requested) - $85 per month
Initial application fee US $500.00 is payable with application form. This is a non-refundable fee. Program fees $1850 - are payable when applicant is placed at employer.
We cannot process any application until all documents and application fee are received.
- Airport transfer service direct to their arranged accommodation
- Two night accommodation
- New Zealand Lonely Planet Travel Guide, Intern Hand Book and Welcome Pack
- Pre-arrange opening of New Zealand bank account
- 24 hour seven day a week telephone support
- Tax number assistance and tax back on departure from New Zealand

The program fee does not include:
- Insurance cover for the intern. Participants in the Internship NZ program MUST have travel and health insurance for the period they are in New Zealand. This must be arranged in their home country before departure
- Airline ticket
- New Zealand Immigration Department fees

Информация о работе

Место нахождения:
Новая Зеландия
Вид работы:
полная занятость, постоянная или по договору или практика или временная
Окончание конкурса:
19 Сентябрь 2008 г.
19 Август 2008 г.


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