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Job Description

Our company is looking for the management of a new small privat guest house near Porkunie.
The house will be in a wild park of 200 HA.
Most animals will be cultivated deer. ( kuningas hirv)
We need a manager for the house activities.
Address of the house is:
Mõisaõue 281
Järvajõe küla
Tamsalu vald,
Laääne Virumaa


We prefer a 'FEMALE' worker, within the age of 25 until 45 years young.
Foreign language is required.
At least English or German.
The house has only four rooms for guests.
The main guests will be four older business men from Holland.
They do not speak the Estonian language!
They are used to west European services.
They will visit the house maybe four or five times per year.
You have to assist them with all information and help during their stay
You have to deal with daily deliveries of extra furniture and extra constructions in or outside the house.
Two old Estonian women are living in the wooden house close to the building.
They need sometimes help as well.
The house is brand new and still needs to improve.
Landscaping is not done yet. Deer did not arrive yet.

There is a building site in Porkunie with ten new summer houses.
The selling and organizing of these houses will be done through the management of the house.

Directions should be given to the outside part time workers in the park.

You have to stay in daily contact in person, by phone or internet with the people from Gulf Vangent Holding OÜ.
These persons are for example: Architect, builder, manager and other workers.
And not to forget that the house, specialy if you live there should be cleaned.

Company offers

Living possibilities in the house in the staff center for two persons.

Additional information

To see some pictures of the main building go to

Job type:
full-time, employee or internship
Expiration date:
18 October 2008
15 August 2008
Gross salary:
From 10000 up to 13000 EEK monthly


Holding company Global oil trading,Real estate , sports agency, foreign companies representing in Estonia.