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Job Description

After the great success with same programs we have organized during the last two years, in spring 2007 as well, we are organizing in cooperation with 15 luxury hotels and restaurants all over Cyprus the same “Hotel Accelerated Programs” for European candidates, fully sponsored by the HRDAth. All successful candidates participating our programs are given by AMTB a certificate -approved by the HRDAth- and an employment contract by the hotel with which we cooperate for each HAP.
This program concerns young unemployed people or young people just starting their life after school or university, even professionals who would like to develop themselves through our programs and practice (and work) in Cyprus.


-European passport
-Good English
-Well presented
Age from 18 y.o.

Company offers

a.Enterprise provides free transportation from Larnaca airport to their accommodation premises.
b.The first day after their arrival, AMTB and the management of the enterprise will provide an induction presentation of the program, enterprise’s policies and facilities, to all candidates.
c.The program will start the first Monday after their arrival to Cyprus in one of the enterprise’s seminar rooms.
d.The program is combined with:
i.The classroom training (off-the-job) which will last approximately 80 hours. The duration of each session will be decided by each employer separately. During this classroom sessions an AMTB instructor will deliver all knowledge and skills required so that they will be able to start producing high quality services soon after they start the program.
ii.The practical sessions (on-the-job) constitutes two parts:
1.Part 1: Parallel to the off-the-job training: It will take place six days per week (28 hours). For their services during their practice, candidates will be given pocket money, the amount of which will be agreed between them and the enterprise during the interviews.
2.Part 2: Four months after the end of the classroom training: It will take place six days per week (48 hours) until the end of October of the current year – as integral part of the program – and the qualification certification (certification in Restaurant & Bar Service) will be given at the end of these total six months. For this part of their training, they will be paid full salary and enjoy all benefits according to their employment contract which will be agreed and signed between them and the enterprise during the interviews.
e.All candidates will enjoy one day off per week
f.All candidates will be entitled to tips given by the enterprise guests according to the sharing scheme of the enterprise.
g.At the end of the program (end of October), a certificate in “Restaurant & Bar Service” will be given to all successful candidates. Both, AMTB chairman and the enterprise’s manager will sign the certificate.

a.Enterprise will pay in full the training program fees and other expenses (approximately 800 euros), provided that the candidate will fullfil his/her contract until the end of October.
b.Enterprise will provide:
i.Transportation from the airport to their accommodation premises.
ii.Meals during working hours at the enterprise’s staff dining room.
iii.Social Insurances according to Cyprus legislation.
iv.Uniforms where and when they are different that the standard ones (white shirt, black trouser or skirt, black shoes, black socks).
v.Ensure their share of tips based on the same sharing scheme as all other waiters of the enterprise.
c.Salary: Subject to negotiation between the employer and the candidate (Starting from 580.00 euros for 6days/week, 48hours, plus accommodation, plus meals during working hours, plus transportation from the airport, plus employer’s liability insurance).

Additional information

For applying please send us your CV with a picture. Intervju will be in February in Tallinn!!!!!

Job type:
full-time, contract worker
Expiration date:
15. november 2007
1. oktoober 2007


Toreon Grupp is a requitment agency in Estonia, at this period our main business is providing work and travel programs for customers. Toreon Grupp works with Cyprus (biggest trainee agency), Greece, Spain, Italy, UK and Australia. Toreon Grupp is the only one in Estonia member of GWEA program. More information you can find here:
All questions to: Skype: leljuhh, toreon1. Phone numbers: +372 620 7576, +372 56 667 064 ,+372 577 777 67