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Highly Specialist Cardiac Physiologist


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Job Summary

The Cardio respiratory Department provides a comprehensive range of investigations throughout the North Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Trust, and also for the local Primary Care Trusts.

The post holder will be required to:

  • Work as an independent practitioner, to work unsupervised in both invasive and non-invasive areas, as well as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • undertake highly specialised cardiac physiological tests and procedures on patients, compiling clinical reports and advising clinicians
  • Take particular responsibility for co-ordinating, planning and assist in managing the delivery of the highly specialised Echocardiography Service, contributing towards the long term strategic plans of the department.
  • Work on their own initiative, to manage and arrange their specific area workload effectively to meet deadlines
  • In the absence of Cardiology Service Manager will deputise in all areas, clinical and managerial.
  • Good communication skills are necessary in order to liaise with patients, relatives and a range of clinical staff. A high level of tact and diplomacy is required as well as strict adherence to Trust rules of confidentiality Principle Duties Clinical To perform the full range of non-invasive and invasive investigations performed within the Cardio-Respiratory Department at Scunthorpe and Goole Hospitals. These investigations include:
  • Recording and monitoring Electrocardiograms in all patient areas. Interpreting results and taking appropriate action as necessary
  • To perform ambulatory monitoring, including 24hr Holter and long term event recorders and BP monitoring, ensuring the appropriate device is used and precise application for optimum recordings.
  • To download ambulatory monitors, perform analysis of results using local protocols, and taking appropriate actions where necessary
  • To perform medically supervised and physiologist led exercise stress testing following local and professional body guidelines. Monitoring and observing the patient throughout the investigation, advising junior supervising doctors if necessary.
  • To check the resuscitation trolley and defibrillator within the Exercise Stress Test laboratory, and replenish/report faults as necessary.
  • Delivers defibrillation therapy in the event of a cardiac arrest within the Stress Testing laboratory
  • To conduct the day to day technical management of the Echo cardiology service
  • To take part clinically in the Cardiac Catheterisation laboratory, diagnostic procedures and permanent pacemaker implantation
  • Preparation and calibration of pressure transducers/monitors and ECG monitoring system within the Cardiac Catheterisation laboratory, trouble shooting as necessary
  • Monitoring and recording haemodynamic measurements (ECG, BP, intra cardiac pressures and oxygen saturation levels) during cardiac catheterisation of both left and right heart studies, identifying relevant changes/abnormalities and informing the operator to ensure patient safety.
  • Assist with CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest within the Cardiac Catheterisation laboratory
  • To contribute in permanent pacemaker implantation, monitoring ECG and oxygen saturation levels
  • Measure and assess pacing parameters ultimately advising the implanting physician of optimal pacemaker lead placement at implant. Post implant checks to assess correct functioning of the pacing system, and programme system appropriately.
  • To conduct the day to day management of the Echocardiography service
  • To plan, organise, co-ordinate and take part in the echocardiography service across the two sites (Scunthorpe General and Goole Hospital)
  • To perform transthoracic echocardiography, making technical adjustments in order to gain optimum recording.
  • Assist in the delivery of the trans-oesophageal echocardiography service.
  • Perform Specialised Bubble contrast studies on echocardiography
  • To lead and assist with the implementation of protocols and procedures to enable future development of the echocardiography service.
  • Analyse and interpret data recorded to produce clinical, diagnostic reports of a high standard for Consultant Cardiologists, Physicians and open access GP referrals.
  • Advise clinicians with prognosis and diagnostic opinions on the results obtained
  • Authorise reports produced by other members of the Department who have not yet attained BSE accreditation/Post graduate level of knowledge.
  • Clinical Governance and Audit
  • Keep quality records of all work performed
  • To participate in regular clinical audit activities
  • Collect and collate statistic as required for future planning of the development of strategic and business plans for the department.
  • Undertakes Research and Development activities
  • Ensure maintenance and service contracts on equipment are in place for all equipment within the post holder’s specific area of clinical management.
  • To identify hazards in the work area, evaluate the risk level associated, and contribute towards implementing adequate controls to eliminate or reduce the level of risk
  • To inform Cardiology Services manager of any safety issues that could affect people in the work place
  • Post holder must comply with all Trust and local policies and procedures
  • Must be aware of the responsibilities placed upon them under the Health and Safety Act 1974
  • Undertake simple fault remedy, cleaning and maintenance of equipment used
  • Liaising with manufacturers/service teams to trouble shoot on the spot malfunctions of highly specialised equipment within the clinical area
  • Managerial
  • Prioritise and manage own work
  • Prioritise and manage the work of other cardiac physiologists and Assistant Technical Officers (ATOs)
  • Supervise and take responsibility for the work of other Clinical Physiologists and ATOs when they are performing work under the post holder’s direction.
  • Participate in regular meetings where necessary, with cardiology and respiratory consultants, nurse specialists and fellow staff members
  • Contribute with planning, organisation and implementation of a range of local procedures and policies within the specialist areas of the post holder
  • Keep abreast of changes required to procedures and policies, and adjust plans and strategies as required by the Cardiology Service Manager
  • Actively participate and contribute towards the planning, managing and organisation of the comprehensive Cardiology Service at Scunthorpe and Goole Hospitals
  • In the absence of the Cardiology Services Manager will deputise in all areas, clinical and managerial.
  • Actively participate in the recruitment of staff alongside the Cardiology Services Manager. Taking part in the pre-interview and interview procedures
  • Assist the Cardiology Services Manager in conducting the ECG department Individual Development Reviews
  • Teaching and Training
  • Teach and train other members of staff within the ECG department
  • Give presentations on training courses, and for nursing/junior medical staff when needed.
  • Supervise trainee/junior cardiac physiologists
  • Professional
  • Participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes
  • Attend relevant seminars, conferences and courses as required to maintain CPD
  • Keep abreast of clinical and technical developments
  • Maintain the Resuscitation Council Immediate Life support certification
  • Maintain Voluntary State Registration under the RCCP

Nõudmised kandidaadile

- BSc in Clinical Physiology or equivalent (e.g. HNC, ASCT part 1 and 2, plus experience)
- BSE accreditation (Post Graduate level)
- ALS/ILS certification
- RCCP Voluntary Registration
- Detailed knowledge and experience of non-invasive Cardiology investigations
- Detailed knowledge and experience of echocardiography.
- Able to prioritise and manage own work
- Responsible for implementing and planning policy and procedures within Cardio-respiratory dept for which responsibility is with the post holder
- Be able to liase with staff and patients at every level appropriate to the service
- Be able to exercise own initiative as appropriate within own specialist areas of competency
- Proven leadership skills
- Be an authorised signatory for Cardio-respiratory department
- Excellent communications skills. Able to communicate complex information across professional boundaries
- Time Management/ organisational skills
- Able to undertake complex eye-hand co-ordination tasks such as electrode placement
- Able to deliver training and teaching to staff at a national level
- Able to deal with complex and unpredictable situations
- Able to deal with situations under emotional/distressing circumstances, of a sensitive, embarrassing nature and occasional verbal aggression and challenging behaviour
- Able to concentrate for prolonged periods whilst operating equipment and communicating with patients at the same time
- Enthusiastic
- Reliable
- Good attendance record
- Ability to work alone and as part of a team
- Physically fit

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Good salary

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10. august 2009
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27. juuli 2009


Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospital in Great Britain is searching for Cardio/ Respiratory Department (ECG) (Scunthorpe and Goole Hospitals)