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General nurse


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Tööpakkumise number 85262

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Job Description

Nursing in norwegian nursing homes.
Normal average of 40 hours a week.
We have positions for all kind of nurses.
Mainly at nursing homes to start with. This is due to slower motion here and easier to be a "foreigner". After a while you could start at hospital after your choice.
The salary is very good and the working conditions are better that you have today!

Please contact us on e-mail if you want to know more.


Registered nurse, speciality is good, but not a must.
Actually the Estonian education system is quite the same as the Norwegian. We apply for the nurse approval for you and you can start working after a language course that you will be given in Tallinn. The language course is given to you by an estonian speaking teacher.

Contact us at our e-mail.

Company offers

Very competative salary, good working conditions, aviable apartments and more...

Norway is a great country to live in. Look at our homesite under "Why Norway" to see what the country can offer you. This is not just a job offer, it is also a invitation to a new country.

Additional information

You will be guided by our Norwegian Nurse all the process.
We will support you with any needs.

We are using the estonian company L E X T A L for all legal matters in Estonia.

One of our owners are a leading doctor and has one of Europe's leading eyeclinics.

We are apporved by the Governmental EURES-Job Portal!!

Foreign country
Job type:
full-time, employee or contract worker (shift work)
Expiration date:
04 January 2007
14 November 2006
Gross salary:
From 14000 up to 35000 EEK monthly


A Company that provides Estonian nurses to the Norwegian Health Care Sector.
We have today 40 positions in Norway aviable.
We give our nurses a complete learning package to be able to work abroad.
This includes the governmental nurse approval in Norway, language training, a nurse guided programme!