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Job Description

We invite young people with ideas of individual or collective business to business incubator.
We will enhance your vision with communal legal, financial, accommodation and intellectual wealth.


You should have your own opinion, abilities to discover and soak up the expression of individual and collective tools.

Company offers

Versatile freedom of self-expression, coordinating interests, primary formation and further support.

Additional information

"Vacation City" project is being created in Kaliningrad near Jasnoe town (ex. Kaukenai) and the regional park of the Nemunas delta. We invite young and creative people from various European countries to come, meet and experiment communal possibilities.

Specializations needed:
Artists of various specializations;
Quality, information, marketing, accounting, construction and manufacturing management specialists;
Tourism, recreation, gastronomy, physical education executives;
Agriculture amateurs or artificers.

Participant of the project will be:

Legal help (Inc. registration; communal coordination of local law)

Financial help (communal accountancy of separate companies, partly crediting every individual project)

Accommodation (comfort life in new wooden houses with necessary home comforts)

Intellectual wealth (similar to chapel of Taize)

Local labor exchange services (Jasnoe has 1800 citizens)

All interested please write and send your CV (In English, Russian, Lithuanian, French or German) with subject "Friendship can do anything".

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Job type:
Expiration date:
01 February 2006
11 January 2006


Project management and consulting.
Vacation park.
Life in nature.