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Job Description

Good opportunity in big, internationalt compagny!
Here are the tasks:
- specification, validation of controllsystems
-Programing PLS-systems and HMI-systems
-Configuration and building up a config-tool.
-development of hardwear solutions. Testing out new systems.
-Contact eith costumer and sub contractors.


Minimum qualifications:
Relevant experience from design and programing of PLS-systems, HMI-systems and/or DCS-systems.
Experience from design of hardwear solutions and softwear.

Process experience from offshore or marin buisness
English skills (oral and written)

Company offers

Help with housing
Good colleague
Beatiful nature
Near the ocean
On the south-coast of Norway

Additional information

The work wil be in a product team or intergreated team. Most of the work will be on Stord, but there will be some travels.

Foreign country
Job type:
full-time, contract worker
Expiration date:
13. juuli 2007
13. juuni 2007
Gross salary:
From 700000 up to 1000000 EEK yearly


What can Exact Bemanning offer?

Exact Bemanning has a thoroughly and accurate recruitment-process with good experience of Internet as a recruitment-tool, high competence of job interviews, reference-check and selection. We are always present for the customer – ”24 hours a day” – as consultants and advisers, but without charging money for it. We only get paid for efficient substitute working hours. Our substitute workers will feel the presence of good follow up, teaching, coaching and we will respond immediately if something happens.