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Development Instructor in Denmark and Malawi client
Job ad expired!

Job Description

FIGHTING WITH THE POOR - 18-month volunteer & activist program at DRH Holsted, Denmark in cooperation with One World University, Mozambique

The training leads to a B-certificate, completed as a distance learning, within the faculty of Fighting with The Poor at One World University in Mozambique.

contact me for more details and study plans, also for contacts of volunteers who already are here!
Development Instructor Programme / 18-months / B-certificate / Fighting with The Poor

  • 6 months training at DRH Holsted – The Travelling Folk High school

  • 6 months volunteer work at a project of Humana People to People

  • 6 months evaluation, spreading information and common conclusions

1st & 2nd Period: Studies about The Present and The Future

This is a deep study of the present world and takes a futuristic view on how to deal with the developments in the world as we know them today. It is an intensive training program where teamwork is a central element in the daily life. The team builds an essential support system to allow each individual to develop the skills and capacity needed to do much more than when they started the program. This also means each individual must take an active part in making cooperation work between people of all backgrounds.

Outreach and community work is an essential element during the 6 months training period to build capacity and both make a necessary contribution for people in need and spread awareness to mobilize others to support them. Although there are clear demands, the participants in this program are very much a part of developing the program and the daily life activities at the school. To take part in this program, you must be ready to learn new skills and be ready to transform yourself. You qualify for the program through your enthusiasm.

The 6 months intensive training period at DRH Holsted (The Travelling Folk Highschool), focuses on building a TRIO (groups of 3 working together) in order to specialize in building practical and theoretical knowledge and skills for the period of development work in Africa.

3rd Period: Service Module – Fighting with The Poor

DRH Holsted works together with projects of Humana People to People in a wide range of developing programs. The TRIOS chose their projects and start communicating with the Project Leadership before arrival. Dependent upon availability, there are possibilities to work with the following projects:

Ø Teacher Training Colleges – focused on educating teachers for rural areas

Ø Vocational Schools for young people

Ø Community work to promote sanitation and hygiene in rural areas

Ø Community with special emphasis on farming

Ø Raising funds for social projects by forming partnerships and selling second hand clothes and shoes

Ø HIV & AIDS awareness and prevention

You can read more about the projects of Humana People to People on

4th Period: The Journal

The 18-months program ends with a 6-month period called ”The Journal”. The Trios return to the school – DRH Holsted – with their heads and hands full of new knowledge and energy to “Bringing It To The Public”. Defining which products they are going to make, discussing the messages to bring to people, the questions to debate, examples and stories to tell. After two months of preparations you have two months out in Europe to spread the news and knowledge about the present and the future and Fighting with The Poor, leading to debate and a clearer understanding among people, and inspiration to action. The last two months of the “Journal Period” is where the team gets together at the school deliberating and tallying up the results you have reached, the impact you have made, and how you have changed with it all. The team discusses the future and make preparation for individual or common future. There is also time for studying and passing exams in the One World University curriculum for a B-certificate in Fighting with The Poor. Finally you and your team will arrange a big Open Sunday´s People´s Exam inviting more than 500 guests.

Study headlines (each of 1 month duration):
The forces that run the world
Big issues of our time
Riches andpotentials of the world
Expectations for the future
New technologies shaping the world
From here to the future


  • 6 months working in trios in a third world country Fighting with The Poor:

  • The third period is a Service Module, meaning that on the background of all your studies and experiences from the first 6 months of the program and on the background of your life experiences as such, you have understood so much about the inequality and the problems of this world that you fi nd it appropriate to use your forces and skills in a third world country Fighting with The Poor.

Gathering and producing products
Editing: Correcting,improving, adding and deleting
The Newsdesk: On the road bOn the road bringing it to the Public: with radio, TV, films,books, theater, debates,street theater, lessons,
speeches and more
Conclusion: Summing up what you have done together
Studying and passing exams in the OWU Curriculum for a B-certificate in Fighting with The Poor


Skills required:
- You are open-minded, flexible and motivated to do something good for others.
- You are interested in helping children and young people with special needs and from various backgrounds.
- You are eager to learn and gain experiences in new and unfamiliar work situations.
- Furthermore, you are a hardworking person
- You need to have passed 12 years of school
- Hold an EU passport
- You can pay tuition fees and enrolment fee (write me to get further information and we can discuss solutions)

Company offers

The 18-month Fighting with The Poor program is organized so that each participant pays tuition fees. There will also be money earning activities during the program, fx for the flight tickets for Africa, insurance, vaccination etc. Periods of Fund Raising are included in the program.
- During the time at the Humana project in Africa you receive food and accommodation and pocket money
- You pay an enrolment fee. Welcome!

Additional information

Starting date : 1st November
Preparatory meeting in Denmark 24 to 27 May.

Tööpakkumise number

Job type:
Additional info:
contract worker / freelancer or internship, students can apply too
Gross salary: 800 - 1200 €/m
Expiration date:
18 May 2013
18 April 2013
Salary information:
Some saving up jobs available from now on. client

About company:
The Development Instructor (DI) program is a unique chance to study and work with a group of people from all over the world. You will get the chance to travel and learn about different cultures and to help those who are less fortunate. In Denmark you will help children and youngsters with special needs who have had a difficult start in their lives, and in Southern Africa you will be able to contribute to the development of different sectors: education, community development, HIV / AIDS prevention campaigns, Child Aid, environmental actions, income generating activities etc.

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Development Instructor in Denmark and Malawi
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Tahtsime Sulle teada anda, et järgnev kandideerimisprotsess ei toimu tööportaalis. Tööandja soovib, et jätkaksid kandideerimist nende karjäärilehel / värbamisplatvormil. Loodame, et saad soovitud töökoha!