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Dancers and hostesses


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Job Description

The club Le Boa offers you the possibility to become a professional dancer within its staff. Email us your application and 2 photos (portrait and whole) to Le Boa, on condition of mutual interests, undertakes to negotiate and get all the necessary papers and authorizations. VERY GOOD SALARY and PAID FLAT.

Клуб Le Boa предлагает Вам возможность стать профессиональной танцовщицей в составе её персонала. Пошлите нам по электронной почте ваше координаты, а также две фотографии по адресу:



Night-work : Le Boa, cabaret night-club

Company offers

Very good salary and paid flat.

Job type:
full-time, temporary
Expiration date:
27. november 2009
13. november 2009
Gross salary:
From 2100 up to 5000 EUR monthly
Salary information:
Fix and %


The night club Le BOA has built its success on the remarkable attention of its staff, dancers and hostesses to satisfy the customer. We are working for you pleasure and looking out for an extraordinary atmosphere: striptease, topless, a great variety of champagne and luxury alcohols, cocktails and music on request.
The ambiance is different between the first and the second floor: from felted, intimate environment to unbridled and liberated atmosphere: private room, bar.
Businessmen, congressmen and regular customers made the reputation of the night club Le Boa that can remain discreet but continues to make you dream.