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Job Description

We have two positions availible at the moment.

The jobs are a courier job where you fly to Copenhagen, Denmark early in the morning and pickup newspapers and back to Tallinn same day or fly to Stockholm in the evening stay there overnight and fly back to Tallinn with newspapers in the morning.

There will be a schedule where you switch between Copenhagen and Stockholm.

No skills needed except you should be reliable and be able to get up the morning and be able to communicate in English. You can use the time on board the airplane as you wish.


English skills

Company offers

Work in an international company.

Additional information

Start as soon as possible.

Tallinn, Harjumaa
Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
7. juuni 2006
1. juuni 2006


Zephyr Design OÜ works together with Scandinavian IT and media companies regarding media monitoring, software development, technical assistance and helpdesk functions.

Zephyr Design OÜ is the Baltic partner of the Infopaq Group. In seven years, Infopaq has obtained status as a leading company within media monitoring and the last two years with Zephyr Design as a partner.

Zephyr Design also work together with EMC Denmark.