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Country E-commerce Manager


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Job Description

The Country E-commerce Manager is responsible for:
Overseeing all local internet marketing activities and making certain that the Studio Moderna internet strategy is being implemented, which includes working with local internet brand managers and overseeing their internet marketing work, as well as providing them with the needed assistance to do their jobs
Leading the local internet marketing innovation process in order to generate new best practices, which can then be implemented system-wide
Full local campaign management & tracking
Centralized local affiliate partnership management
E-mail marketing campaign implementation
Constant local split-testing
Basic website analysis
Assisting local internet brand managers and managing all internet marketing activities
Achieving the local internet marketing business plan, as agreed with the Country Director (Studio Moderna) and the CEE E-commerce Manager


Minimum Requirements
• A minimum 2 -year background in marketing
• Minimum 1-year experience directly in internet marketing, performing tasks with the goal of direct sales facilitation
[web design, programming work or strictly creative work does not constitute direct experience in internet marketing]
• Basic understanding of direct marketing and the internet marketing industry
[the candidate must at least understand basic “concepts”, such as testing, online advertising models, conversion rates and optimization, search engine marketing, web metrics and analysis, etc.]
• Excellent internet usage skills / Internet power-user
• At least basic copywriting abilities, but with very good writing abilities
• Strong disposition towards testing & analysis
• Excellent written and spoken English skills
• At least basic sales presentation skills
Desired Skills and Experience
• 3 years or more of experience in performing internet marketing tasks such as e-mail marketing, search engine marketing (CPC), search engine optimization, site conversion optimization, online advertising campaign management, online media planning; with proven sales results
• Previous experience in direct marketing, such as telemarketing or direct mail
• Excellent understanding of the local internet media/advertising market, with already established contacts with the strongest local online properties and online ad networks
• Excellent sales presentation skills
• Excellent copywriting skills
Additional Desired Skills and Experience (Best Candidate)
• Proven web design skills (websites, banners)
• Proven HTML coding skills
• Understanding of internet programming languages

Company offers

Our biggest wealth is our satisfied and motivated succesful employees: if you are the right person for us, nothing is impossible to reach with us.
Our company fully supports all new ideas: good and tested ideas will be realised and rewarded
competitive remuneration package

Additional information

Since the internet is internationally positioned as a sales channel according to the Studio Moderna organizational structure, the local Internet Department as well should be placed in the same horizontal as other sales channels.
The Country E-commerce Manager reports directly to the Country Director (Studio Moderna), but is also responsible for implementing the international Studio Moderna internet strategy and in this fashion reports to the CEE E-commerce Manager.

Please send your CV and motivation letter in English language to Branko Blecic.
All applications are handled confidentially.

Other in Lithuania
Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
30. september 2007
31. august 2007