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Joboffer number #45176

Cost Estimator client
Tallinn, Harjumaa
Job ad expired!

Job Description

05. Example Job Descriptions

Successful applicants would complete the training modules (1-8) as set out in section 07. (i.e. UK Building Regulations, working practices, use of software, estimating practices, etc.).

Work would then be selected in line with the levels of training and experience gained by individual estimators. Over time the degree and extent of works sent over to Estonia would gradually increase.

Initially the work in Estonia would involve:

  • downloading and printing e-mailed packages from the UK offices.
  • measuring, rating, checking work etc.
  • scanning and e-mailing work back to the UK for final checking and completion.

Initially it is anticipated that a senior and an assistant estimator are employed. Additional estimators of varying degree’s of experience (and specialisation) would then be employed as the business expanded. Part time work would be offered. Promotion from within the business would be actively promoted.

Examples of the Types of Work - Basic
The list below gives an indication of the type of work. It is not comprehensive and based on UK terminology.

Skills Set A: Communications
  • use of phone (systems, protocols and skills).
  • downloading e-mails, scanning, and printing off documents and plans.
  • database systems.
  • filing systems.
  • library systems.
  • returning estimates via e-mail to the UK office.

Skills Set B: Simple Projects - Basic Costs
  • previewing building documentation for small UK based residential projects.
  • measuring works from plans.
  • rating measured work using specialist estimating software.
  • resolving issues within the documentation supplied.
  • set out specialist terms and conditions for same.
  • checking work.

Skill Set C: Specialist Contractors – Basic Costs
  • previewing building documentation for specialist projects and measuring works, etc., as B.
  • rating works for labour only (i.e. bricklayers), labour and plant (i.e. groundworkers) and domestic sub-contractors (i.e. mechanical and electrical).
  • set out specialist terms and conditions for the same.

Skill Set D: Specialist Enquiries and Costs
  • preparing documents for labour only, labour and plant and domestic sub-contractors.
  • preparing documents for builders merchants and specialist materials suppliers.
  • preparing documents for operated and hired plant.
  • preparing documents for specialist service and utilities costs.
  • sourcing suppliers details from clients and from alternative procedures.
  • specific negotiating skills in sourcing the above.

Skill Set E: Larger Projects – Basic Costs
  • rating larger projects including some industrial and commercial works (all as B – D above).

Skill Set F: General Site Costs (Preliminaries)
  • allowing for specified costs: PS, PS, Daywork, etc,
  • simple contractual reviews.
  • preparing simple project plans.
  • calculating preliminaries costs.
  • calculating commercial risk.
  • costing development costs.

Examples of the Types of Work - Advanced
Skill Set G: Sensitising Estimates
  • adjusting for the size and nature of a project.
  • problems of production.
  • sensitizing for: labour material and plant costs.
  • sensitizing for labour only and domestic sub-contract costs.
  • other factors.

Skill Set H: Tender Adjudication
  • marketing strategies.
  • client workload.
  • market analysis and comparison.
  • cost based tendering.
  • market based tendering.
  • methods of calculating overheads and profit.
  • calculating risk / reward ratios.
  • contractual review (detailed).

Skill Set I: Tender Presentation
  • presentations.
  • other terms and conditions.

Skill Set J: Approximate Estimating
  • builders estimating systems (BES).
  • use of assembled rates.
  • use of comparative rates.
  • use and categorisation of m2 for differing building types.

Skill Set K: Valuations
  • setting up client files and document transfer.
  • document filing.
  • valuations and variations.
  • methods and periods of payment.
  • time related claims.

Skill Set M: Business Administration
  • planning and managing estimators time.
  • purchasing services and equipment.
  • accounting works including payments.
  • general administration.
  • employment.

Skill Set N: Sales and Marketing
  • general client support.
  • advising on builders estimating systems.
  • advising on tendering and estimating services.

Skill Set L: Product Development Examples
  • updating systems - services and systems.
  • researching and updating library rates.
  • updating pricing considerations – builders estimating systems.
  • new products.


06. The Level of Skill and Experience Required

Senior and assistant building estimators are sought with certain key skills as set out below. The ‘Other Key Skills’ section are useful but non-essential skills that may be beneficial to the Estonian office.

Full training is to be provided (see section 07). Care is to be taken to ensure that applicants with potential (i.e. a favourable approach, or knowledge set, in relation to the work) are still considered, even though they may, in the first event, lack some technical skills or experience.

Levels of Skill
All Estimators – Technical Skills
All prospective candidates would require:

  • a thorough technical understanding of how residential, commercial and industrial buildings are constructed (probably as built in the in EU or Estonia).
  • an understanding of builders working methods and general site practice (probably in accordance with best EU or Estonian practice).
  • significant experience in general building estimating, preferably with some experience of specialist estimating software (probably in relation to EU or Estonian construction).
  • significant experience of computers including a good understanding of Microsoft windows XP, Word, Excel.
  • reasonable typing skills.

All Estimators – Communication Skills and Approach to Work
All prospective candidates would require:
  • excellent written English skills.
  • excellent spoken English skills.
  • good mathematical skills.
  • open to new ideas and a collaborative attitude to team working.
  • reasonably self motivated with a generally proactive approach to work.
  • the ability to take on information quickly, to identify and solve problems.
  • residency in Estonia (or the EU) and of good character.

Senior Estimators - Requirements
All prospective candidates for senior positions would be graduates with a proven track record in building estimating including:
  • a graduate qualification in building estimating or similar.
  • a minimum four years of relevant (estimating) experience at a professional level.
  • a knowledge of the commercial factors affecting the bidding process.
  • good organizational skills.
  • good social and client handling skills.

Other Key Skills
Estimators with any skill or experience of the following areas are advised to include the details as part of their application:
  • any knowledge or experience of UK building methods and techniques.
  • a good technical understanding of how specialist contract works are undertaken such as: roads, electrical, mechanical, etc.
  • some experience of project planning.
  • an general knowledge of building contracts.
  • use of the internet (Broadband) including; e-mails, attachments, searching, etc.
  • any specialist skills or knowledge in relation to building (i.e. trade experience, interest in architecture design, etc.
  • experience of any specialist software (building related or not).
  • the use of Microsoft messenger or similar communication software.
  • the use of databases (i.e. Microsoft Access or the like).
  • any specific skills in relation to sales.
  • experience in the use of digital and or video cameras.
  • experience setting up projects, offices equipment or similar.
  • any experiences of recruiting or managing new staff.
  • any past trainings.

Company offers

Trevor Sadd Associates are an established building consultancy practice offering a range of estimating and valuation services to building contractors throughout the UK. It is their intention to outsource some of this work to Estonia.

Initially this could involve setting up a facility (in or near Tallinn) and employing and training two or three key staff. The workforce would, once systems where established, be expanded to meet the full demand for the services. This proposal offers a unique opportunity for; an existing company or selected individual estimators to be involved in the creation of this new practice at an early stage. Full details can be downloaded from the

It is anticipated that all grades of estimators will be rewarded with a highly competitive package, beyond that which they would normally enjoy for work based in Estonia

The cost of travel to the UK (for Training) together with: accommodation, cost of living allowances, training, etc., would, of course, be fully funded by Trevor Sadd Associates.

All salaries will start at a level that reflects the skill level of the applicants. Salaries will then rise to reflect:

  • the level of responsibility taken.
  • the experience and skill of the estimator.
  • the quality of work produced.

Annual Salary Guides - For Work Based in Estonia:
Annual Salary Guide: Senior Estimator (Tallinn)
£ TBA / per annum
TBA EEK / per annum

Annual Salary Guide: Intermediate Estimator (Tallinn)
£ TBA / per annum
TBA EEK / per annum

Annual Salary Guide: Assistant Estimator (Tallinn)
£ TBA / per annum
TBA EEK / per annum

(A training allowance would be added to the above figures for time spent in the UK)

For full details including application information see / employment opportunities / Outsourcing download


Additional information

07. Examples of the Training to be Provided

The following list provides a partial list of some of the key training modules provided by Trevor Sadd Associates. Modules will be modified to meet the individual needs of estimators.

Training would take place in both the UK and Estonia. The basic section of the UK training would consist of between five and nine two week blocks over the first six to eight months (depending on experience). Estimators would be provided with preparatory study packs or work prior to the UK sessions and revision packs and projects to work on for their return to Estonia.

Whilst in the UK, estimators will meet clients of Trevor Sadd Associates and where practical, train in relation to real projects. During training estimators will often have to work from a number of modules to complete a project. They will also be asked to make specific proposals that will then be edited prior to use in current projects.

Estimators will, throughout their employment, be encouraged to expand both their estimating and communication skills to levels that will see their own careers progress. From day one, they will be asked to formulate ‘in house’ letters and advice in relation to their views on each project. They will also be asked to keep a ‘learning journal’ and assist others on similar projects.

Beyond the first six months training is to be provided on a project specific basis. This will take place in relation to specific ‘learning briefs’ initially in Estonia with short ‘practical’ exercises in the UK.

Whichever system is used estimators will be provided with ongoing dedicated training and technical support. Initially this would all come from the UK (via training sessions, documents, online support, and a web-cam, web-link) etc. However, over time skill levels in Estonia will be such that greater proportions of the training can be completed within Estonia. Likewise peers will be in a stronger position to provide support as standards improve.

Example Training List - Basic

Module 1 - Trevor Sadd Associates (TS)
The first unit overviews the services and systems provided by Trevor Sadd Associates and includes:

  • business overview / objectives / mission.
  • product range.
  • use of technology.
  • internal communications.
  • external communications.
  • the golden rule.
  • continuous improvement policies.

Module 2 - The UK Construction Market (TBA)
All works are for UK builders. This module is to be modified to identify the differences between the Estonian and the UK construction markets including:
  • UK - the built environment.
  • UK - construction methods and processes.

Module 3 – Measurement and Estimating - UK Overview (TS)
This module is again to be modified to identify the differences between the Estonian and the UK methodologies including:
  • UK - methods of measurement and pricing works.
  • nine methods of pricing.
  • SMM6, SMM7, CEMSE, Etc.

Module 4 - Specialist Estimating Software (DS)
Use of specialist software including:
  • the use of Trevor Sadd Associates bespoke estimating software.
  • the use of the integrated access database software (part 1).
  • creation and use of bespoke spreadsheets.
  • approximate estimating (part 1).
  • alternative methods of estimating .

Module 5 - Systems and Services (TS)
The use of specific methods and measurement protocols including:
  • previewing projects (starting with the end in mind).
  • planning work.
  • services, layouts and formats.
  • simple pricing protocols.
  • writing and communications skills.
  • defining responsibilities and the extent of work priced.

Module 6 - Rating Building Work (SA)
The measurement and rating of building works including:
  • residential / commercial / industrial.
  • new / period / historic.
  • complete new build projects / extensions / conversions / refurbishments / maintenance.
  • specialist labour only and domestic subcontract works.
  • checking processes and procedures.

Module 7 – Sourcing Costs (DS)
Sourcing and negotiating costs for individual contractors including:
  • using effective procedures.
  • document preparation.

Module 8 – General Site Costs: Preliminaries (SA)
Providing specific and general allowances for preliminary costs including:
  • project planning.
  • costing preliminaries.
  • costing development costs.
  • providing for commercial factors.

Modules are not of even size with Module 6 being by far the most extensive (nearly seven times the size of that of the smaller modules).
Example Training List - Advanced

Module 9 – Tendering (TS)
Adjudicating and presenting estimates and tenders including:
  • sensitizing costs to those of individual clients (builders).
  • general adjustments for: access, project size, location, etc.
  • selecting appropriate forms of analysis.
  • calculating overheads and profit levels.
  • market based and cost based tendering.
  • contract.
  • presentation.

Module 10 – Specialist Services and Approximate Estimating (TS)
Services based on partial information and generalised costs for contractors and consultants including:
  • approximate estimates
  • area or volume rates.
  • comparative estimates.
  • cost planning.
  • development cost modelling.

Module 11 – Valuations (DO)
Valuing works for contractors including:
  • systems and procedures.
  • types of contracts and claims.
  • valuations.
  • variations.
  • project planning.
  • time related claims.
  • negotiating strategies.

Module 12 – Business Administration (TS)
Basic administration including:
  • programming and monitoring work.
  • sourcing, negotiating, purchasing, payment.
  • management of computer systems, back-ups, etc.
  • maintenance of systems.
  • basic accounting procedures and works.

Module 13 – Marketing and Sales (TS)
Communications in relation to services including:
  • strategic and tactical marketing.
  • marketing and sales protocols and methodologies.
  • listening and questioning skills.
  • understanding and explaining the key benefits of specific products and services.
  • recording sales and product information.

Module 14 – Product Development (TS)
Product development including:
  • research.
  • report writing skills.
  • others.

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Tallinn, Harjumaa
Job type:
full-time or part-time
Additional info:
Expiration date:
11 June 2005
11 May 2005 client

A building consultancy offering cost advice and related services to UK based building contractors

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