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Job Description

Work for half year at the Helsinki Zoo restaurants and ala Carte restaurant in Helsinki Finland. We need for our customer cooks who have good experience of Ala Carte dining, who are used to organize dinners for large groups. We also need line cooks and kitchen helpers for our fast food services.


Main cook (chef) good experience in ala Carte dining and preparing for big parties, weddings etc.
Cook for ala Carte production with large customer amounts.
Line cooks for and kitchen helpers to work in fast food services. Bakers and Pastry-cook.
You will need to speak finnish or english. .

Company offers

We are looking for workers for the time period of starting in March or beginning of April and to end at the end of September.
We offer 2-3 free days as one period/week to be able to travel home. We can also offer an apartment nearby the working place for 2 persons to share at 300 €/month/person.
Salary and terms are according to the normal requirements and laws in Finland.
For a cook that is starting approximately € 1583 (9,96€/hour) + extras, higher with more experience.

Job type:
full-time, temporary (shift work)
Expiration date:
10. aprill 2009
10. märts 2009
Gross salary:
From 1583 up to 2000 EUR monthly
Salary information:
Finnish agreements and laws