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Tööpakkumise number 89363

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Job Description

Company expects you to present your achievements every quarter in PPT format. It would be pretty cool if you could express yourself in UML and XML.


All kinds of PHP, Java and C++ skills are OK. Oracle, J2ME, Ajax, Tapestry, Hungarian notation and Scheme are cool as well. Proven ability to switch employer once a year is a must - otherwise experience doesn't count. Väga much abroad language skill have important also as we was dominate the mip.

Company offers

Although MaxFunded pays excessive salary, also share options and bonuses are offered. Our slogan is: "Don't Ask Where The Money Comes From - Focus On Getting Most Of It.".

Additional information

About salary: if you see yourself as a guru, multiply your age by 2000 and you'll get a reasonable salary request in EEK. If you ask for more salary, the company will be happy to spend time to argue about it up to -30%, as it guarantees your motivation. The company works on mobile stuff, but there's no need to worry about that - you can concentrate on earning.

Tallinn, Harjumaa
Job type:
full-time or part-time, employee or public servant or contract worker or internship or temporary (shift work)
Expiration date:
25 January 2007
22 December 2006
Gross salary:
From 30000 up to 100000 EEK monthly


Group of investors back MaxFunded Inc, the leading provider of semi-professional services. MaxFunded has internationally experienced management: one has been an exchange student in the US, another one has made sales to Latvia and Lithuania - therefore the company is well positioned to expand globally.