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Job Description

We are now looking for chefs to work extra or full time in Stockholm, Sweden.

At Delta Restaurangkonsult you will be working with us for a number of our customers and meet new colleagues more or less daily, which means you will have an opportunity to work in over 100 different restaurants, and create a lot of contacts. Qualities like flexibility and independence are highly recommended as working process will take place in different restaurants from time to time. The working schedule is adjusted to requirements of our employees.
Also we have opportunities for two people to work in Norway starting from May.


The interview is conducted every week in Estonia (Tallinn), Latvia (Riga) and Sweden (Stockholm) with flexible time depending on number of candidates.

Candidates requirements:
The ability to communicate in English.
5 years experience in kitchen industry.

Company offers

Accommodation is provided for foreign employees .
Delta Restaurangkonsult offers support with all the necessary documents and registration of social security number, which are required for staying and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Salary is 175 sek brutto (excluding tax) per hour,including vacation payments.

Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
2. august 2018
4. juuli 2018


Delta Restaurangkonsult is a recruiting company focused on providing staff for Hotels and Restaurants in Sweden.
Our customers range from well-known swedish restaurants, conference facilities, courses, catering companies.