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Job Description

Our client needs 2 carpenters for construction works for 4 apartments. The carpenters have to finish the interior of one apartment which means that they have to put gips on the walls and ceilings and also plaster and paint all these walls and ceilings. There will be 5 rooms plus two kitchens and 2 bathrooms. This apartment is brand new and all the outside work is already done.


The company needs two e x p e r i e n c e d persons who can put up these gips walls, put the tiles in the two bathrooms.

Company offers

The company offers EEK300/per hour. Which means that they will earn about EEK60.000 per month. They will have to pay about 20% income tax every month but theywill get almost all of it in return at the end of the ear because they work only for 3 months. The company has taken several carpenters from Polen and Slovakia and Finland and all these carpenters received their taxes back at the end of the year. They will also receive "holiday money" from the Norwegian Government. We will have to employ them which means that we have to pay our tax for each of them. For the first 3 months they will have to pay EEK2000 each per month and we will pay the rest. Actually, we rent each room for EEK5500 per month but since they will be here for 3 months, we will pay the rest. The 2-bedroom apartment has a small kitchenet and
bathroom/toilet and it is very cost with a nice view. We have one parking space for their car. In Tromsoe, the carpenters really enjoy their stay because they can fish, pick berries and go mountain-climbing. In June, July and August we have the midnight sun and there is no darkness at
all which means that there is daylight for 24 hours. The night-life here is one of the best in Norway. We are in Tromsoe, northern Norway. The carpenters have to drive from Helsinki through Kemi/Oulu in finland and straight on to Tromsoe and the route is extremely easy.

Job type:
full-time, temporary
Expiration date:
2. juuli 2008
2. juuni 2008
Gross salary:
From 300 EEK hourly