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Care assistant


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Job Description

The care assistants we recruit work with 1 client on what we call a 1-to1 basis and provide assistance with all their daily needs. As the company has clients with such different needs it is impossible to describe a typical day, but all of the clients have individual needs. They have clients who simply need support with there daily living but they have also clients who are on ventilators (a machine which enables them to breath) who’s needs are more complex.
The companie´s clients live all over England so we therefore require candidates to be flexible to location as until they come to the UK we do not know which client they will work with or the location they will be working in. There are 2 different types of position live in and live out, which again we can not decide until the candidate comes to the UK. Live in positions require the candidates to live and work in the clients home for up to 2 weeks, they will then have up to 2 weeks off. Live out positions are close to home as there shifts are between 8 and 12 hours long covering a mixture of days/nights/evenings and weekend and the candidate will return to there own home after each shift, working a maximum of 5 days per week. Minimum workingperiod is for 6 months


We require you to be flexible, fun and willing to learn new skills. Also good English is essential
We do not require the candidates to have any care experience (although it would be an advantage)

Company offers

The company provides full training to the level they are required to work to. They will attend the training course during there first week in the UK, the training course is for 5 days and will cover every aspect of care. During the training course candidates will be informed of which client they will work with and in which location. The company also pay for the flights to the UK for each candidate, collect them from the airport and take them to the hotel where they will stay during there training – we also pay for the hotel.

United Kingdom
Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
15. august 2008
11. juuni 2008
Salary information:
£6.00 – 8.05 per hour for day shifts and £7.08 – 19.08 per hour for night shifts for live out positions, these pay rates depend on location, experience and qualifications within the care sector. £71.20 per day for live in position


 As a company our client provide care for people who have disabilities mainly spinal cord injury but also clients who have acquired brain injury, cerebal palsy, stroke victims and various other disabilities – we do not provide care for the elderly.  The company has clients from babies through to later life and all live independently in there own homes with there family (depending on age and situation).   
 We are looking for candidates (in England we have a GOQ which means because it is private healthcare we can specify the sex of the candidate we are recruiting) who are flexible, friendly, caring and enthusiastic.