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Axinom Eesti OÜ

Soola 8, Tartu

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Axinom is a software solution provider with more than 15 years of experience and strong technical expertise in digital rights management, content management, synchronization services and delivery solutions for embedded, crew and consumer devices. 130 employees in subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Estonia) and North America (USA) have a proven track record of delivering successful solutions for IT, retail, telco, railway, aerospace and media customers.

At Axinom, we build digital platforms for major players in the media and entertainment and the aerospace industry.

In media, we serve well-known broadcasters and telecom companies with global OTT platforms, allowing them to provide huge libraries of on-demand and live TV content to millions of households. Big media corporations like BBC, Sky, ZEE and Starz rely on our products.

In aerospace, we are positioned as a highly trusted software vendor implementing tailored IFEC (In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity) for major players in the industry, and supporting them to drive innovation and grow their business.


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