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Axinom Eesti OÜ

Soola 8, Tartu

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Axinom solves the evolving challenges in digital content and services management, processing, security, delivery, and deployment. Throughout the years, we have enabled some of the biggest media and transportation companies to build and serve scalable entertainment, connectivity, and IoT solutions.

We have achieved many feats in the aviation and media industry, such as powering the wireless seatback IFE system of one of the largest US carriers and enabling OTT video services for over 63 million Indian viewers. Our software allows aircraft seats to talk to the crew, and also entertains the passenger on-board the biggest Baltic coach service.

As a company, we nurture depth of talent and promote collaboration and initiative. We also put our values of versatility, passion, and innovation to practice. Apply today to be a part of our initiative to shape future digital content and services!


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