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Job Description

Being an au pair, you will live temporarily with a so called host family from Netherlands or United Kingdom. The family will provide accomodation and food and "pocket money". In exchange for these things, you will help the family in taking care of their child(-ren). In some cases you will also do some light housework, but only if agreed upon. This work may vary from (for example) vacuum cleaning, washing and ironing to cooking now and then or helping in the garden. In that case you will of course earn more pocket money.

Before being placed with a host family, you will know exactly how many hours per day (and evenings) you have to work, when you have free time, which duties are expected of you, how much pocket money you will receive and the possible extra“s the host family will provide for. In general you are expected to spend some of your free time taking a (language) course. This is mostly paid by the family, as also is your health insurance (if required). These arrangements may vary, depending on the country you go to.

Of course you will have more than enough time to yourself to get to know your surroundings, meet new people, go shopping or do some sports. Shortly said, you can spend your free time as you like.


* Girls between 18/28 years old;
* Very good English;
* No children, no husband etc ;

Company offers

* Au pair, who works 5 hours a day 5 day's a week start from 300,00 euros a
* Au pair, who works 8 (+) hours a day 5/6 day's a week start from 400,00 euros a
* The families will pay for the school;
* Medical Insurance payed by the family;

Additional information

Job location: Netherlands or United Kingdom

Please submit your CV in English version and your picture

Foreign country
Job type:
full-time or part-time
Expiration date:
10 June 2005
26 April 2005


Our partner from Netherlands and United Kingdom is an international mediation agency, recruiting and selecting au pairs.