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Arego Estonia OÜ

Lõõtsa 2a, Tallinn

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Arego Estonia OÜ is a subsidiary of the Norwegian company Billity AS. Arego Estonia was established in 2011 and has since evolved from being a web solution company to become a software company specializing in Telecom.

The world is connected and continues to connect through new technologies like IoT and 5G and expand into bigger parts of the world population. Arego Estonia is part of enabling the expanse of connectivity throughout the world through modern microservice solutions for the world's future service providers.

Though we love technology, we value people even more. You will get that feeling when you meet us and when you work with us. There is something unique about us. Perhaps because our company's founder wanted a workplace where he could experiment and grow his dreams, and he wanted all of us to feel the same.


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PHP / POSTGRESQL ARENDAJA Arego Estonia OÜ • Tallinn
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