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Applications Support Analyst 2 (Production Services/ client
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Job Description

Job Description:

  • Receives and logs requests for support from help desk, other service delivery staff and/or users. Prioritises requests in accordance with agreed criteria and the needs of the organisation in accordance with SLAs and Blueprint processes
  • Within a broad area of competence, investigates problems and other requests for support and determines appropriate actions to take in accordance with Blueprint process
  • Within own area of competence, provides correct responses to requests for support by means of for example: developing work-arounds or site-specific enhancements, manipulating data, reconfiguring systems, helping to implement changes to operating procedures, training users or operations staff, producing additional documentation, or escalating requests to those responsible for the development of system enhancements. Ensures all work is carried out and documented in accordance with required standards, methods and procedures (eg SLAs, Helpdesk tools and Blueprint processes and the 'knowledge base' of known problems and tested solutions is maintained
  • In accordance with agreed procedures, monitors application systems for which responsible by regular scrutiny of reports from the applications software, systems software or service delivery staff (via alerts and performance tests in line with Blueprint 10.4). Notes problems and identifies performance trends. Takes corrective action to improve performance and to avoid problems arising in accordance with Blueprint processes
  • Monitors progress of requests for support and ensures users and other interested parties is kept informed. Takes corrective action to avoid or minimise delays in accordance with Blueprint process
  • Liaises with staff responsible for the development of system enhancements to overcome known problems or further fulfil user requirements in accordance with Blueprint process
  • Provides advice and guidance to less experienced colleagues where required Custom Defined Tasks
  • Assesses and approves (where appropriate) the potential impact of planned changes to Regional services in line with Blueprint processes
  • Specifies applications requirements so that GIS projects collectively meet business requirements, and fit within the GIS Projects portfolio ' answering the question 'Can it be supported?' in Blueprint
  • Plans, executes and supports Acceptance Tests - both Technical (TAT) and User (UAT) ' and reviews training materials, to ensure applications are ready for implementation as agreed with Programme Management, in accordance with Blueprint processes
  • Plans, executes and supports implementations such that the applications themselves are then deployed with minimal disruption to the production environment, as agreed with Operations staff, in accordance with Blueprint processes



  • Acts as 'Service owner' for a set of applications/services (as delegated by the Team Leader) - ensuring the Service catalogue remains up-to-date and the associated SLAs remain feasible ; monitoring and reporting on service levels attained for these applications/services, and ensuring their continuity of service at all times by working with other GIS groups as required to resolve any issues that impact those services.

Company offers

To deliver Application support and deployment services for part of a given business area to DHL countries/ functions, acting as 'Service Owner' for some of those services, in order to ensure the maximum availability of these services to the business and the smooth deployment of new or improved services with minimal disruption to business continuity.

Additional information

Additional Information:

  • The provision of support services relating to specific application systems. Support may be provided both to users of the systems and to service delivery functions such as computer operations and help desk. Support typically takes the form of investigating and resolving problems and providing information about the systems. It may also include monitoring their performance. Problems may be resolved by providing advice or training to users about the application systems' functionality, correct operation or constraints, by devising work-arounds, by correcting faults, by making general or site-specific modifications, by updating system documentation, by manipulating data, or by defining enhancements - often in close collaboration with the systems' developers. (Application support)
  • Juggling their priorities between the immediate pressures for a commitment to see problem tickets through to resolution, and the project work required to improve the future service
  • Accurately assessing, in a fast moving and multiple priority environment, how long it will take (in elapsed time), to complete a task that others need completed so that they can commit to a resolution time to their customers
  • Devising cost efficient and effective workarounds/ work instructions that will provide a temporary solution to a more complex repeated problem until a more permanent solution can be found
  • Determining solutions for known technical/ operational weaknesses (whether country specific or generic) , and then implementing them, to improve the performance and functioning of the services they provide
  • Determining how best to utilise new technical developments so that they can help make the services provided by their own team more operable in the future

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Applications Support Analyst 2 (Production Services/
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