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Milrem Robotics on Euroopa juhtiv robootika ja autonoomsete süsteemide arendaja. Meie missioon on pakkuda innovaatilisi robotlahendusi väljakutsuvatesse keskkondadesse, eelkõige kaitse, põllumajanduse, metsanduse, munitsipaalteenuste, päästetööde ja kaevandamise valdkonnas. Oma toodetega tahame vabastada inimesed üksluiste ja ohtlike tööde tegemisest, luues samal ajal kõrgema lisandväärtusega töökohti, Meie põhilised tooted on mehitamata sõiduk THeMIS, mis on kasutusel üheksas riigis üle maailma, mehitamata lahingmasin Type-X ning kommertsturule suunatud mehitamata sõiduk Multiscope.

Milrem Robotics was established in 2013. Our mission is to provide innovative robotics solutions for challenging environments. We believe that our cutting-edge robotics solutions fulfil a higher purpose – enabling more meaningful lives.

Respect for the value of human life is our top priority, and we aim to retrieve people from danger areas and liberate them from dirty, dull, and dangerous tasks. Through our products and services, we seek to increase human safety and labour efficiency in a number of targeted industries, particularly in defence, agriculture, forestry, municipal services, rescue and mining.

By sparing and protecting human lives via innovative technology, we promote the idea of people dedicating time to realizing their true potential. We treasure lives lived to their fullest.

Job Description

Do you like fantastic dungeons and secret rooms filled with precious treasure(code)? Well, we have these rooms and dungeons in our robots, the problem is that we don’t have that needed dungeon master named ROBOTICS SOFTWARE ENGINEER who will create and hold the peace and order in those dungeons and secret rooms of code.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Developing ROS, ROS2, and other back-end systems and API-s.
  • Developing libraries, tools, and frameworks.
  • Software integration.


You are a good fit if you have the following: 

  • At least 2 years of back-end software development experience.
  • Proficiency in Python or C++.
  • Background in robotics and familiarity with ROS or ROS2.
  • Linux know-how.
  • Familiarity with computer networking.
  • Good understanding of physics and math.
  • Very good English skills.

Bonus Points for the Following Superpowers (but don't worry, they're not mandatory):

  • Experience data analysis and visualization tools.
  • Docker or other container system.
  • Embedded systems.
  • CI/CD.

Company offers

We offer:

  • Opportunities to implement your thoughts and ideas with a dedicated and innovative team.
  • Opportunities for self-development in an ambitious European company with colleagues and leaders who believe in the potential of the high-tech industry.
  • Opportunities to contribute to shaping the future of the world.
  • Support in-house career steps and sporting options or health insurance, extra free days and leave, work in international teams and flexible working options, etc.

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